Solidor As Seen On TV : Normal Service has been resumed


Solidor As Seen On TV : Normal Service has been resumed

It’s a long long time from the21st December 2018 to the 2nd January 2019 – and we must admit we have enjoyed the break and all at Timber Composite Doors hope that our customers past present and future have enjoyed the break (or parts thereof – we know a huge number of individuals have to work through the festivities) as much as we have – and we take great pleasure in wishing you all a HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR

For all at Timber Composite Doors the day has dawned the office lights are on, the computers are buzzing, the merriment is again behind us and we are back in the business of making your dreams of a new Front door for the coming year a reality.

For the majority of the country we got off lightly with the festive season weather it was not too much of anything in particular but even a cursory look at the weather for the forthcoming week leaves any viewer without any doubt that it is going to get colder and we do not need to tell any of you with a draughty badly fitted front door of the consequences of cold weather on both your personal indoor comfort and your heating bills – act now and you could be one of our first New Year customers – why suffer with this –

-when you could be snug and warm behind one of these –

A nice new Ludlow pattern front door in black

The Ludlow is only one of literally hundreds of door style options available on the Timber Composite Door web site and that’s before we start talking colours accessories etc and for anyone who read our pre-Christmas blogs you will already know that the bar was raised with selection choices of new styles, colours, art décor and Jo Downs exclusive designer glass panels – for those who missed out you may wish to take the opportunity to review the following articles

Too late for this year’s Christmas list – but great for 2019

For the love of Art Decor

When is a door not a door -Jo Downs

Or you may simply take a look at the latest page on our web site where we previewed the Solidor

Christmas advert on channel 4 with all the new styles and colours and by the time you come to read this they may be live on our designer.

2018 was a great year to purchase a Solidor door from Timber Composite Door but with all of the new choices already available for 2019 – this new year is looking even better – make sure you have a Happy and a Prosperous New Year behind one of our new front doors and you will not have to worry about draughts and the consequent increasing fuel bills next year or the year after the one after that for possibly 30 years if you can resist the urge to change your door again in the intervening period.

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