Solidor, Confused about the weather but not about the doors


Confused about the weather but not about the doors

Time line 28th Nov 2018 – Google headline

Notice anything strange about these headlines compared with our Blog of 25th September “How did we manage without them” – the answer is in the selected Met Office Storm name for the letter “D”.

The name advised in the previously used Met Office chart for “D” is clearly Deirdre so where does Diana come from –


What makes this fact even more confusing is that around the 9th November and the following weekend many newspapers were advising us that Storm Deirdre was already upon us

So, with some justification we might assume that Storm Deirdre had been and gone and that the current anticipated storm should be “Erik” – not so according to the Met Office – although the newspapers may have credited the storm of the weekend of 9th-10th November as Deirdre this did not register with them as their official website shows –( yes we have cut and pasted the relevant bits for clarity ) the name Deirdre has not been used yet.



Which leads to the following thoughts /questions

  1. If it is in the papers it clearly is not always true
  2. What ever happened to Deirdre, is it cancelled or should we still be waiting in anticipation
  3. Why is Diana not Deirdre?
  4. Where did Diana as a name and a storm come from – apparently it is the remnants of a tropical storm named by someone else and we inherited it
  5. Does Erik know what is going on between Deirdre and Diana and if he did would he care?


And back to our original blog on this subject “How did we manage without them” or maybe we should be asking do we really need them when t is as confusing as the above.

Fortunately, we at Timber Composite Doors are in the business of Composite Doors rather than “Misleading Meteorological Data” and we pride ourselves on giving factually correct information every time so we will end this rant the same way we ended our previous article/blog –

“Fortunately for all of our customers we care that the info we provide is both comprehensive , correct and relevant to what we do (which is sell doors) which is why you will find our Timber Composite Door web site crammed full of specification and technical info – the 0% Finance offers, the consumer awareness info, the quality installation throughout the UK, the endless styles colour and accessories – WE WANT YOU TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE BUYING NOT SOMETHING THAT MIGHT BE A CLOSE APPROXIMATION”


You can check that we are telling the truth and find yourself an excellent new front door in the process by viewing our web site at Timber Composite Doors – and as the weather (whichever storm it may be) closes in the nights get longer and the days colder ow is a very good time to purchase a new front door.




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