When is a Door Not a Door? – Jo Downs


When is a Door not a Door?

When is a door not a door is a perennial brainteaser which many of us learnt as a child and the answer being?

When it is a jar (a- jar meaning open)


That is of course unless you are American stand up comedian Steven Wright who places a completely new interpretation of the phrase as noted above

After a recent announcement by Solidor we may have to re think the whole concept of the original brainteaser to something more akin to –

When is door not a door – when it’s a work of art”

Here at Timber Composite Door we have long taken the view that all of the Solidor doors we market were “works of art” but that was our opinion rather than a statement of fact – but that is all about to change.

Internationally acclaimed fused glass artist Jo Downs has taken up a commission from to Solidor to create some stunning new abstract glass designs which elevate any of the Solidor range of doors to a new level.

Based out of her studio in picturesque Cornwall, Jo draws inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape around her.  Using advanced fusion techniques, she is able to create abstract designs which because they are hand crafted means every panel is completely unique, making your door truly one of a kind!  By incorporating hand crafted glass into the door, it changes its very nature; from being something that is just a functional means of controlling traffic, and transforms it into a picture frame into which you can now hang your own piece of art.  A work of art in fact.

The Jo Downs collection of glass features three exclusive designs which have been beautifully designed, crafted, and hand finished. The tiles are available blue, green, red and copper, and remember, no two tiles are ever the same, so it really is like having your very own one-off piece of art within your new front door. to view the full range simply visit our online door designer and create your own piece of art


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