Where is the logic : #stardoors


Where is the logic –

An example of complete lack of logic –

Loved by the majority of Cinema goers, Jabba the Hutt.

What a strange lot we human beings – present us with a slug, any slug and the natural reaction is to reach for the “Slug Killer” , pick it up and throw it in next doors garden and for the less humane of us – simply stamp on it.

And yet – take a body very similar to the detested slug, blow it up to ridiculous proportions embellish it with a human like face and a couple of arms and we cinema goers have a new hero in Jabba the Hutt the infamous Star Wars Characters (departed) he may not make it to the upcoming release but there are strong rumours his family will


And just in case you thought Jabba won the prize for good look s among Star Wars characters you have obviously forgotten “Droopy McCool” from Star Wars iv

And an example of total logic

Probably only loved by its owner                                        Loved by those who have bought it and envied                                                                                                             by thousands more who would love to own it.

If you want to show how logical you can be what better way can there be than to invest in a new front door to ward off the winter chills and the logical place to find your new front door –

a “Star door”

from Timber Composite Door take your next logical step and take a look at our Gallery Page where you will find doors that are of a quality that is out of this world all displayed in real installation situations – now that is logical

With apologies for including the favourite phrase of another intrepid space traveller (Mr (its logical Jim) Spock) in a Star Wars related article.

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