Discover the Top Trending Colours for Composite Doors


Composite doors have surged in popularity due to their remarkable durability, low maintenance, and attractive aesthetics. These doors, constructed with multiple layers, offer exceptional strength, sturdiness, thermal efficiency, and longevity. However, choosing the perfect colour from the wide array available can be quite a challenge.

In this blog, we’ll reveal the most popular colours for composite doors, providing insights into the choices others are making!

What are the most popular door colours?

The top 5 most popular door colours are:

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey is a favorite among our customers and for good reason. This colour tops the list as the most frequently chosen door colour, perfectly complementing every door style we offer, especially our Solidor Ludlow 2 composite door.

This versatile shade enhances both contemporary and traditional homes. Its rich, darker tone makes a striking statement, adding a touch of elegance to any door.

Agate Grey

Agate Grey is another top pick, known for its sophisticated and neutral appeal. This shade of grey has gained popularity among homeowners for its timeless, classic look that effortlessly enhances a variety of home exteriors.

The versatility of Agate Grey allows it to complement a wide range of materials, including brick, stone, and pebbledash. It provides a subtle, yet distinctive appearance that can seamlessly blend into your home’s existing aesthetic while still making a statement.


Black composite doors add an element of grace and sophistication to your home’s exterior. Known for its versatility, black harmonizes effortlessly with various architectural styles.

Black is also the third most favoured colour and often chosen for homes with light brick exteriors, creating a bold contrast. It’s a top choice for our glazed doors, particularly the Beeston GB and Tenby 4 styles, showcasing its perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary homes.

French Grey

French Grey enjoys widespread popularity for its classic and enduring appeal. Often paired with the Solidor Ancona, French Grey is remarkably versatile, complementing various door styles and exteriors like brick, stone, and pebbledash.

This colour is also in high demand when matched with our white frames, giving a sleek and elegant look. Chrome hardware options enhance its appeal even further.

Chartwell Green

For those seeking a more vibrant and distinctive look, Chartwell Green and Blue are excellent choices. These colours are among our most popular options.

Chartwell Green offers a charming pastel hue, ideal for cottages. Blue, with its striking appeal, suits traditional houses, especially townhouses, and pairs well with a range of glazed door styles.

Choosing the right door colour for your home

Adding a splash of colour to your home is a fantastic way to boost your spirits and infuse your exterior with personality.

If you’re searching for a new front door and unsure which colour to choose, feel free to contact our Timber Composite Doors team for guidance.

Faqs about the most popular door colours

Can I customise my composite door with different colours and finishes?

Absolutely! Composite doors come in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can customize your door to match your personal style and the architectural features of your home. Our team can assist you in exploring the various options available.

Why should I consider Chartwell Green for my composite door?

Chartwell Green is ideal for those seeking a more vibrant and distinctive look. Its charming pastel hue is perfect for cottages and adds a unique touch to any home. This colour is popular for its ability to make a statement while maintaining a timeless appeal.

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