Sometimes it’s better not to know what lurks behind closed doors


Sometimes it’s better not to know what lurks behind closed doors

Here at GFD HQ we reckon that every home has one door that is better kept closed – for most of us it’s the cupboard under the stairs, the wardrobe in the spare bedroom or even the spare bedroom itself and we know for certain every garage has such a door, normally a cupboard. This is the first place you look for anything you have lost and normally the very last place you return to to eventually discover that whatever you had lost was in the first place you looked.

This is the door that conceals all those things that you do not use regularly or have lost or misplaced – a treasure trove of everything that you should have thrown out years ago.

Luckily here at GFD HQ as we supply quality front doors our doors are only best kept closed to keep out the weather something which they do very well indeed.

There is of course the nightmare scenario of having the neighbour that is best kept behind closed doors we refer of course in this Star Wars / Star Doors season to a neighbour like –

Jaba the Hut

Or any other of his less than attractive colleagues

Admiral Ackbar                                                        Bolla Ropal                                     Boss Lyonie

These representonly three of out of the 931 characters who have appeared in the Saga so far and like probably another two – three hundred of characters they have one thing in common – there appearance will scare the children and they should all be kept behind closed doors.

Here at GFD HQ we reckon we have the perfect Star door to keep the less good looking of the charcters tucked safely up behind – a door that very name suggests that it can take on and survive anything that this world its weather and inhabitants can throw at it. It’s so strong and durable that it could probably survive the weather and inhabitants of any other far far away galaxy.

The Door to which we refer – it can only be the FLINT – here’s one in Irish Oak looking pretty good .

Advantage 1 – no glazing Jaba and his mates cannot see out and we cannot accidentally see them

Advantage 2 – It is already approved to part Q of the Building Regulations and has alredy passed PAS 24 “cut tests” so no unwanted aliens can just walk straight in

Advantage 3 – it comes in eighteen colours and a massive range of glazing options and accessories.

Yes there are some doors that it is better not to look behind the FLINT is not one of them it is a superbly engineered example of a solid door that would grace any home – particularly your neighbours if you should be the unfortunate to have Jaba or any of his mates move in next door.

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