The shape of things to come


Love them or hate them they may soon be just a thing of the past – we all openly say we do not like them but secretly at GFD HQ we reckon if every television viewer is like ourselves we all have a secret favourite advert. They seem to have been with us forever filling in that two/three/four or more minute break between programmes to allow retailers to advertise their wares and as ITV was launched in 1955 for many they have always been a part of the Television viewing experience but advertising as we know it is about to change forever if the content of a recent BBC News article “New technology can turn TV shows into sophisticated adverts” ever come to fruition.

It would appear that we have fallen out of love with the typical thirty second advertisement to the extent that some market research suggests that where possible we prefer to record programmes and when we watch them we simply fast forward over the adds – a quick survey here in the office suggests that we here at GFD HQ are prime candidates and we are a company whose lifeblood is advertising our products through internet sales. The suggested alternative to half a dozen thirty second adverts is the mini epic three – four minute advert some of which have already hit our screens -or – the alternative – “the product placement “as demonstrated in the video included in the above attachment – it is impossible watch it and fail to be impressed with the subtle introduction of products into otherwise normal shots, here at GFD HQ we particularly like the BMW placement x2 in the Police chase sequence.

For companies such as ourselves who have yet to even consider making a TV advert this proposed change in advertising format poses a few problems as to how to blow our meagre marketing budget

That is not to say that we were not ahead of the game in creative thinking – way back in January of this year we were using images of our own Timber Composite Door – Doors in unlikely situations take for example our article re the Como door which featured this photograph of an unusual placement of one of our doors –

Yes that is a Como style door at the rear of that carriage

Not quite “product placement” but we were heading in the correct direction – so what next – well a john Travolta type video as used in Saturday Night fever and struts down the street singing “Staying Alive” with our twenty nine styles f doors being superimposed on the doors he passes would be really good but the marketing budget will not stretch that far

With twenty nine doors in our range it will be difficult to showcase them all in one item of “product placement “ unless of course we can find twenty nine residents in twenty nine adjoining properties all want to purchase one of our excellent doors and they all want to do so within a few weeks of each other – a set of coincidences with less chance of occurring than there is of the office lottery syndicate making us all millionaires.

For the present, or at least until the budget is increased we shall just keep plugging away with images of our excellent range such as –


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 13.33.37


And inviting all of our prospective customers to visit our Gallery page on our web site where they have the opportunity to view real life installation photogra

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