Smart Security is good – but ???


Here at Timber Composite Door we are starting to feel just a little left out because we sell doors – and doors may be very stylish, very colourful, very durable and it may take some super smart technology to design, engineer and manufacture them but doors themselves are not smart it’s the components that attach to them that are smart.

Take our sister company Eurosecure a year or so ago the pages of their web site and their blogs were all about locks and handles and mechanical deterrents which suited us fine because they were the kind of products we fit as standard the Ultion lock etc Even at Eurosecure whom we always held in the highest esteem things have changed dramatically – all the classic locks and handles are still there but now they are supplemented by “Smart stuff” and their blogs, well you judge – one of their recent ones entitled “Smart security – is now the time to make your home smart” – no mention of locks or handles its all about smart locks and sensors and lights and cameras etc which is great –

Except – they are not really practical if you have a lock that can be picked with a hairpin or bumped with a gentle nudge from a hammer or even worse a door so flimsy that it can be sliced open with a Stanley knife – you may think we jest but we do not there are literally millions of doors out there that are not “fit for purpose “ when it comes to Security. As the majority of burglaries occur through doors if the locks can be picked bumped or snapped and the door is as strong as a couple of layers of” wet cardboard” even the best and most sophisticated smart systems available will struggle to make your home impregnable.

We keep on telling our guys in Eurosecure – we are happy to give them a good mention in our blogs and it would be very nice if they pointed out to their customers the need for a solid durable composite door – one in fact like anyone in the Timber Composite Door range that has a solid timber core that has passed every current test for security even the dreaded PAS 24 “cut test” and comes with the 3 star diamond Sold secure Ultion Lock as standard – for the more discerning reader it is all their on our “What makes a Solidor Timber Composite Door “ page. Factor in that these doors come in 36 door styles with 23 colour options so they are all superbly attractive as well as secure with that Ultion lock – the perfect door to fit your smart home – that’s what we keep telling the guys at Eurosecure

Timber Composite Doors with Eurosecure and our customers DIY skills can all but guarantee that together we can make your home whether it be “Smart” or otherwise as impregnable as is possible without the need for bringing in expensive specialist security companies – plus we are local everywhere within the UK and we almost always have the product(s) that can work within a realistic budget.

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