Are we ready for this much knowledge ?



Are we ready for this much knowledge

The recent news that Gravitational Waves from Black holes has been detected has certainly set the scientific world buzzing – could it really answer the ultimate question and prove the Big Bang Theory.

If Dr Stephen Hawking is convinced should that be good enough for the rest of us to believe that this really opens up a whole new way of looking at the Universe?

Here at GFD HQ we have to admit that science of this nature flies way over our heads, we can just about understand the concept but the explanation of the reality is something else. We the general public are told that this is an amazing discovery – but frankly the vast majority of us would not know as we could never understand the science – not because we are ignorant but because those involved have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of this area of science. The closest most of we less scientifically inclined can come to understanding this theory is by comparing it to the achievements of that other great scientific mind Sheldon Cooper of the TV comedy the Big Bang Theory


For those unfamiliar with the series Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical scientist who has dedicated his life to the use of “string theory” to determine the origins of the universe and has now switched to the exploration of “black holes” – looks like you missed the Nobel Prize Sheldon.

Are we at GFD HQ the only ones who have noted the lack of praise from those in religious circles for this wonderful achievement?

If we accept everything in this article as fact (and remember there is still a strong body of opinion that still believes man has not visited the moon) it does throw up a few questions one of which will never be answered –

Q – If Einstein could suggest the concept over a hundred years ago using no more than his brain and pencil and paper – how come it took so long and more importantly how much has this cost?

And the second question to which the answer is to disturbing to contemplate –

Q- Where does this leave religion – we have had over 2000 years of believing that a greater being created the world, wars have been fought and millions have died for the belief in a God whichever one heads the religion in which you believe – were and are they all wrong ?

This scientific discovery must surely rock the foundations of a religious lifestyle and devastate the lives of millions of people who have spent a lifetime believing.

Here at GFD HQ we will not bury our heads in the sand and pretend this discovery has no impact nor will we try to comprehend that which is beyond our understanding we will do exactly what the vast majority of the population will do soldier on in our everyday routine until the consequences of this discovery start to affect our day to day routine. We will continue to sell quality doors and provide a quality service to all of our customers on the understanding that if it has taken over a hundred years to prove a concept it may well take considerably longer before our lives are changed by these events.



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