The living drug – could this be the end of cancer?

T -cell immunotherapy a great name and it could have astounding results in the never ending battle against cancer – the medical community is not saying this is the end of the disease but this latest discovery is certainly seems to be the way forward to alleviate the suffering and possibly cure some of the thousands who are at risk.

How does it work – we have unashamedly ripped off this excellent graphic from the Mail online article “Is this the cure for cancer” – because it describes the process far better than we ever could.


It has also been well covered by the Guardian in their article “researchers claim extraordinary results” – lets for the sake of all who are affected hope that this is a genuine step forward in plaguing mankind for generations. Rather than attempt to describe the benefits of this new treatment we suggest readers simply read the attachments which are far more illuminating and correct than       anything we at GFD HQ could ever write, we sell doors and can only marvel at the skills and knowledge of those who come up with such discoveries.

Two great scientific discoveries in one week – the proving of gravitational waves and the T-cell immunotherapy – here at GFD HQ we are pretty certain that we know which one will have the greatest impact on the majority of our lives – no clues – but let’s hope we can wipe out cancer forever.

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