An amazing incite –


An amazing incite –

It is a beautifully symmetric image but what is it

We came across this image while browsing the BBC Science news “the 20 best science images of the year” – they are all interesting but this one in our opinion was simply outstanding / unbelievable – more so when you realise what this is an image of. It is highly unlikely that you will ever guess its origin unless of course you are a neurosurgeon – in which case it may just seem a little familiar. We stole the description straight out of the article –

This kaleidoscope of colour reveals a map of pathways inside the brain of a young healthy adult where different parts of the brain communicate with each other through nerve fibres – which are shown colour-coded here.

The image was created using a type of magnetic resonance imaging – or MRI – the image was created from mapping virtual slices of the brain, from top to bottom, tracking the direction and movement of water molecules.

Absolutely amazing that the workings of the brain and nervous system can be mapped and shown in such clarity.

Here at Timber Composite Doors we always thought that the images on our gallery page of our doors in real life installation situations were pretty spectacular but they pale into insignificance when compared to this image. When you come across images like any of those shown in the BBC item it only serves to illustrate how little the majority of us understand about what is going on and the constant advancements in the world of science and technologists. Of course even scientists need front doors and no doubt they would be suitably impressed at the range of styles and colours that comprise the standard and Italia collection of Solidor doors available from Timber Composite Door web site.

Only two of the hundreds of images on the Gallery page – but to really personalise your front door you need to take advantage of our “Door Designer” where you can choose from twenty-nine styles and eighteen colours and masses of glazing and accessory options to create your perfect front door.

We know that whatever style you design it will not compare to the” Kaleidoscope of the brain” for spectacular imagery – but we also that as a front door any of our range will look stunning when installed as your new front door and with an anticipated life span of thirty years it will be a joy to come home to for every one of those 10,950 days.

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