The Trading Game that you do not have to comply with


The trading game that you do not have to comply with –

The internet is not perfect for everyone there are still tens of thousands without computers in their homes and even more who do not have suitable internet connections but when its working as it does for the majority of households it has one huge benefit over a trip to the shops.

Internet shopping, “e” commerce, call it what you will it’s there for you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week fifty-two weeks a year, the shopping opportunity that never sleeps. The recent rejection by MP’s of a change to Sunday Shopping laws illustrates exactly why online sales are growing so rapidly. The internet is quite simply the shop that never shuts.

As web sites have developed so have the services they are able to offer – it’s not just browsing the majority of “e-commerce web sites have “secure payment” methods where you could, if you so wished make your purchases at three @o’clock in the morning any day of the week rather than worrying about an extra hour of shopping on a Sunday.

Here at GFD HQ we designed all our web sites to be operative and secure 24/7 so you can use any or all of them Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure   assured that even if you are a three in the morning kind of person you will get the same service as the conventional daytime shopper.

Take for example our Timber Composite Door site where we specialise in Solidor timber cored composite doors –

Two ranges – standard and the Italia Collection

Twenty-nine styles

Eighteen external colours

A myriad of glazing and hardware accessories

A door designer so you can design the door YOU want not someone else’s choice

A return email pricing your estimate service (we accept that one is a 9-5 job (our staff like to be in bed asleep at three in the morning)

0% Finance terms you can set rolling at three in the morning

You only have to look at the “drop down” headers to see we offer a pretty comprehensive service –

Home -Range – The Door – Hardware – Services – Finances – FAQ’s – Gallery (worth a look at for superb photographs of actual installations) TCD TV (a dozen or so of our own videos for those who desperately cannot sleep) Contact (we will answer between 9-5) and Quick Quote (where you look for he designer)

And all of the above is before you dig into the site and when you can design your own door to look as stunning as –


this Solidor Milano in Black with Cotswold Glazing and long bar handle

It might just be worth staying up until three in the morning

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