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The Premium Installation
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Includes Premium Installation
Two man delivery team
Accredited installers
Lay down dust sheets
Use decorative architraves as required
Make good plaster, brickwork or render as required
Remove old door/frame and take away
Demonstrate to customer operation of the new door
Remove any debris, clean new door and hoover up
5 year installation guarantee
10 year product guarantee
Free consumer protection

6 Reasons to choose Timber Composite Doors

You need a comprehensive guarantee

The standard tradesman guarantee is 12 months, so any call out after this period is going to cost you. Also, be cautious asking a 'friend who can fit doors' to carry out the work - they may be happy to do it for a small fee as a favour but they will not be so forthcoming two years later to help with an installation problem. We give our customers a 5 year installation guarantee as standard. Cutting corners on the initial labour cost will always end up costing more in the long run.

Issues will arise from poor fitting

If an installer is unfamiliar with a product, or perhaps doesn't give it the full care and attention it deserves, you will have problems in the future. This could be anything ranging from draughts between the door and frame, locks sticking due to poor alignment, or ineffective operation which can lead to stressed/damaged hinges and warped door slabs in some cases. You must have 100% confidence that your installer is experienced with the product and adheres to all manufacturer fitting guidelines.

Poor fitting can invalidate your guarantee

If you need to make a claim for a part on your guarantee, you might have a problem if the door has not been fitted to the correct standard. In order to replace any defective parts the manufacturer will need photographic evidence and a narrative of the issue. We find that many faults could have been avoided if more care was taken at the installation stage - a typical example may be stress on cylinders/locks due to the door not being set up/aligned correctly. Your guarantee is important so make sure you vet your potential installer for proof of previous installations.

66% complaints received are a result of fitting negligence

In a recent survey we carried out internally roughly two thirds of all problems reported arose from installation issues. It is not always the case that a tradesman is incapable of installing our product, however we do find that due care and attention must be given at all times as well as adherence to the supplied installation guidelines. Because our products have a timber core and are heavier than typical foam filled composite doors the fitting requires a little more skill, akin to fitting a timber door.

Choose a Solidor recommended installer

Nobody knows more about the product than the manufacturer themselves, which is why both Timber Composite Doors and Solidor recommend you consider a approved installer. Not only are our fitters working with the product every day, but this ensures that you are working with a company who are in close contact with the supplier. In the rare event of an issue or discrepancy, we are in a position to deal with it immediately. Always consider an installer that is recommended by the manufacturer!

A professional home survey is a must

Believe it or not, there a tradesman out there who think it is acceptable for the customer to take measurements themselves. Whilst this may be tempting to save on a survey cost, or to save time if your tradesman is very busy, this is a big no no. By providing measurements yourself you are liable if anything goes wrong, and we have seen it happen too many times to unsuspecting customers who aren't sure about sills, thresholds, brick allowances etc. The sizes are the responsibility of whoever is installing and if they do not want to carry out this service walk away.

You wouldn't go on holiday without insurance!
So why buy a door without protection?

We offer a consumer protection policy with every installation - free of charge.

Consumer Protection

Warning - do your other quotes offer you this level of protection?

All customers receive insurance back guarantee

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