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We have been asked many times over the years if you can fit a cat flap to a composite door - the answer is yes when you choose Timber Composite Doors!

We can route for any cat flap or dog flap of your choice, all we need is the cut out size. The routing is done by Solidor at their factory, and our installers will fit the cat flap for you on site.

Please note that cat flaps can only be fitted to doors with a flush panel, so they are best suited to door designs from our Flint cottage range or the contemporary Italia range (i.e doors with a shiplap groove effect). They cannot be fitted to doors with moulded panels in the bottom unfortunately.

If you require a cat flap for your door, just let one of our sales team know when placing your order, and they will add this for you at a fixed rate of £35.

Please note: we do not supply the cat flap itself, this must be supplied by the customer. We can only providing the routing and fitment of the cat flap.

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