Your Choice – Our hero Rory Cellan Jones and another fine expose

As we approach the holiday season we are faced with the perpetual choice – what to read on the beach

Three books like these from a well-known High Street Retailer for a fiver


One of these the new Oasis Kindles for £270 plus you still have to buy the books.

Here at Timber Composite Doors we are big fans of Rory Cellan Jones (you just have to love that name) having already featured him in a number of our blogs notably “the circles that Rory moves in” we love the way he asks pertinent to the point questions and makes the same sort of judgements as we the typical man in the street would, as in his latest article which is headed “Amazon Kindle Oasis: Does the world want a £270 e-reader” this must surely sum up the way the majority of us think.

As Rory himself states in the article “But why on Earth is Amazon launching another Kindle, and who on Earth is going to pay £270 for it? –the majority of the staff here in the GFD offices prefers books and at a difference in price between a couple of quid and £270 we know which we would prefer to leave on the bus/train/plane/beach and never see again.

For us it has to be books every time when you are looking for value for money – but that does not mean we are resistant to change, quite the opposite in fact we recently advised of a “boat load” of changes in product in our blog “the news is out” – doors, colours, glazing and accessories of our door Supplier Solidor and we thoroughly endorse the changes – it’s always good to stimulate the market by introducing new products. The one thing we can say with certainty is that about these doors is unlike the Kindle (basic one circa £60) they will not be subject to a 300-400% increase in cost.

Whether it’s one of the new range such as –

New Solidor Timber Composite Doors

New Solidor Timber Composite Doors

Or the ever popular

Solidor Milano Timber Composite Door

Solidor Milano Timber Composite Door

Solidor Doors from Timber Composite Doors will still continue to be a very affordable value for money quality product purchase.