“And now you’re gonna believe us”!


“And now you’re gonna believe us”!


To paraphrase a common football chant –

“And now you’re gonna believe us

And now you’re gonna believe us

The new PAS 24 is on its way”


Here at GFD HQ home of Timber Composite Doors we have in the best auctioneer terms being giving “Fair warning” that something big was changing in the world of door security – back last autumn we wrote “Solidor ahead of the Q” warning of changes in the Building Regulations and specifically PAS 24 (the security standard for doors) and we did our “ star wars take “ in “would these guys beat the PAS24 test” so no-one should be surprised that the gabble is now falling.

It is fairly safe to say that the door manufacturing industry has not fully embraced the arrival of these changes in the manner in which was intended, quite the opposite in fact this new legislation has had more of a “we will do it when we are forced to impact”

It would appear that that day of action requirement is rapidly approaching.

A recent article in Windows News by Gareth Mobley CEO of Solidor highlights in graphics detail the shortcomings of many within the industry

Key phrases from this article which are worth repeating in full are –

“Whatever your market, you’ll be affected by the new PAS24. Independent tests show 7 out of 10 composite doors fail this test. They fail because the GRP skins on their doors are too thin to offer the necessary protection”

“If the skin on your GRP door is 1.6-1.8mm thick, you’re out of luck. It won’t pass. Skins need to be at least 3.6mm thick. And since GRP skins are the most expensive component in a GRP door, prices will rise sharply as composite door manufacturers upgrade their specs to pass.”

“for 6 months. Housebuilders, private developers and Social Housing specifiers have been listening to the same debates, and reading the same magazines as you. They’re already asking for secure doors that pass the proper tests. Given a choice between doors that pass and doors that fail, whose doors will they buy?”

“Every month, 45,000 homeowners looking for doors visit our website to find installers who sell our highly secure, premium quality, stylish doors.”

And the key one for every would be purchaser of a new front door –

“Just for the record, Solidor, with its solid laminated-hardwood timber core, passes the new PAS24:2016 test with ease. In January we also standardised on Ultion, the most secure cylinder door lock.”

We broke the Ultion lock news in our article and “sheds that keep out spiders and doors that keep out intruders” and followed it up with “news release to fixture” to advise about the Ultion lock.

At Timber Composite Doors we not only believe in keeping our customers informed we believe in coming up with the goods and services our customers correctly demand which is why you will find all the Solidor composite doors appearing on our web site already meet the criteria of Part Q and PAS 24

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