Would these guys beat a PAS 24 test? #stardoors


Would Stormtroopers beat a PAS 24 test?

Take a group of Storm troopers like those below maybe add a few more for good luck –

And rather than let them use the weapons of their choice equip them with the same test equipment as is provided for the PAS tests and set them loose on a typical Solidor door – the sort supplied by Timber Composite Door just like the one below –

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 16.47.22

A nice “Roma” style door in Chartwell Green

What do you think the result will be ????

With the changes to Part Q of the Building Regulations and the “beefing up” of PAS 24 the need for your new front door to be able to resist a pretty concerted attack has just been notched up a level or two if it is to be compliant with the newest regulations a fact which we covered in our article “ahead of the Q” back in October – if you have not reviewed this article its worth a look – in fact we at GFD HQ believe it is a bit of a game changer so much so that we have copied the video from the previous article just so you can see what your new door has to resist.

If a well trained Tradesman with a screwdriver and a chisel (the obvious tools for the job) cannot get through the door in three minutes what chance has the average Star trooper given the same equipment – at GFD HQ we believe the answer would be a simple – NO CHANCE

We are pretty sure that long before the three minutes was up our Star trooper would have resorted to either his size 15 boot and a bit of brute force or worse still one of his futuristic laser guns – both options would of course be self defeating as the objective of your typical opportunist burglar (rather than ham fisted Star trooper) is “to get in and out as quietly and as quickly as possible)

We reckon that long before the three minutes was up our dejected Star trooper would look a little more like this guy than the more self confident and boisterous guys at the top of the page-


Not sure whether we should tell him that come January 2016 getting through a Solidor door from Timber Composite Door is going to be even harder when the new super secure ULTION lock is fitted to all of our Solidor doors as a standard rather than optional fixture just as we advised in our blog “news release to fixture”



To all potential customers the purpose of this blog is for information and amusement – please note Timber Composite Door will accept no responsibility in respect of either direct or consequential loss, neither now or at any time in the future either in this Galaxy or some other galaxy far far away, should a crowd of marauding Star troopers attack any door supplied and installed by GFD trading Group Ltd with the intent of gaining entry therein.



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