Now that’s quality refurbishment – #stardoors


The Millennium Falcon the real star of the Star Wars movies has apparently been having a bit of a spruce up in advance of its appearance in the latest epic –

We have to admit that even we at GFD HQ were somewhat taken aback when we came across this recently released photograph of the interior of the vessel – after a sharp intake of breath and a double take of the photograph we are pretty sure that the door in the background of this shot is a Flint in Irish Oak which has clearly been chosen to match the internal decor. The Flint is only one of twenty nine styles of the excellent Solidor Range as supplied by Timber Composite Door doors that obviously can grace any supersonic time travelling vessel. We at GFD HQ always knew that these doors were extremely durable particularly as all of our current doors more than meet the requirements of the new Building Regulations Part Q and Pas 24 see our article “ahead of the Q” for more information

Our next thought here in the GFD HQ office was the obvious one “did we supply this door” this is where all the superb backroom management operations that our customers never see comes to the fore – because we operate a digital paperless management system we can track everything about all of our doors, delivery, installation, payment, complications or even problems etc it’s all recorded here on our data base.

First step interrogate our data base for the obvious connections – none but we as Star Wars fans new it would not be that easy to find – trawl again and then again and then we noted an order placed by a JJ Abrams for a Flint door address simply –



W1 etc which for security reasons we can not disclose

Could this be the very same JJ Abrams Director of The Force Awakens maybe, maybe not but it is some coincidence maybe this will be the first opportunity for a Timber Composite Door “to go where no door has gone before”

OOOPPPSS – wrong space ship –

“To go to a galaxy far far away”

Now how do we incorporate that we have provided doors that are out of this world into our marketing ??????


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