Wooden Front Doors how they compare to a Solidor


thedoor-specificationQuality Wooden front doors whether  they historical or modern handcrafted are undoubtedly some of the most stylish and secure that you can ever find – however as with all things of quality they come at a price and it is certainly not a cheap price.

We all now live in a consumer orientated society where mass production is the order of the day, unfortunately when it comes to wooden door manufacture mass produced wooden doors bear little resemblance to quality wooden doors.  The majority of the wooden doors we see in our local hypermarket DIYS are of foreign import and in many instances of dubious quality “softwoods masquerading as hardwoods” being one such example, in fact many of these doors are of such poor quality that when inspected in the store many can already be seen to be showing the first signs of warping, splitting etc. The real fun frequently comes when you have them installed, in many instances the first time the air is damp the door starts to swell and the door starts to stick and no matter how many times you redecorate the problem does not go away. All of this is before we consider draughts – if they are not square in the frame and they invariably are not, they are very hard to draught proof efficiently and draughts equal heat loss equals inflated energy bills. The wooden front door that you purchased at a bargain price can very quickly become very expensive to maintain.

Composite Doors, one of the options to wooden front doors are not all polyurethane foam cored doors which can also be of dubious quality; there are some excellent alternatives available. One such option are the range of Solidor Doors supplied and installed by Timber Composite Doors – doors with a compressed timbercore sourcedfrom sustainable forests , doors which are 48mm thick to ensure strength and stability, doors which come pre engineered to match their individual frames and thereby all but eliminate draughts and possibly most important doors that are manufactured in the United kingdom, doors that are stylish and look just as good as wooden doors but are maintenance free and draught proof guaranteed.

Composite timber core doors in a range of 10 No standard styles and 29 No superb Italia range styles, all available in 17 No optional colours with glazing styles and accessories to complement whichever doors you choose.

It may be very difficult indeed to find a craftsman, who can manufacture a quality wooden door, but there is one company who can make the supply and installation of a solid timber core composite door a pleasant experience and that company is Timber Composite Door. If you still have any doubts check out our independent testimonials which are compiled by a well respected company in this field called Trust Pilot.

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