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Scream if you want to go faster !

Scream if you want to go faster the standard cry at so many fairground attractions has in recent months taken on a new meaning in aviation terms. In a blaze of publicity this week Airbus announced that they have “Son of Concorde” in the planning stage this Daily Telegraph article gives a good review as to where they are with their planning – we have to say the plans lodged by Airbus are less than spectacular (see below) and we at GFD HQ have no idea what the various notations stand for –



The “Son of Concorde” which is more of a rocket than a plane plans to travel at 2500 mph (twice the speed of the original) fly at 100,000 ft and only carry 20 passengers so flying from London to New York in the proposed one hour is guaranteed not to be cheap.

Airbus do not appear to have it all their own way in the Supersonic transport market if this Daily Mail report is correct there are at least two competitors out there who are well advanced with their plans – one of them the very impressive Aerion AS2 jet plans to flying commercially by 2021


So it only plans to get from London to NY in 2.5hrs flying at 1200mph but as it only plans to carry twelve passengers luxury is as well as an expensive price tag is pretty much guaranteed – but do we really want to get to the “Big Apple” and back in half a day.

And just because we like photographs of aeroplanes here’s another contender the Lockheed Martin N+2 jet which plans to do pretty much the same as the Aerion but carry up to 80 passengers which we doubt will make the flight much cheaper but it sure does look good.


All this talk of supersonic travel got us thinking here at GFD HQ what if anything could we and our partner installation company Martindales do to improve our delivery and installation times.

Why if you have already benefitted from our excellent installation service – you may ask would we need to even raise this question –

Answer – because we are based in Hartlepool many of our prospective customers believe we are to remote from them to provide the superb quality of service that we provide.

In order again to dispel the myth that we are somehow parochial to the North East – if you are a prospective customer please consider the following –

Why have we teamed up with Martindales – because they are a major player in the “insurance repair and replacement and have a vast amount of experience – we have been working successfully together for over five years delivering quality door and window installations to clients throughout the UK – check out our TRUST PILOT reviews to see what our customers say.

How can we service your installation throughout the UK – at the last count Martindales had Depots in Horwich – Gloucester – Rotherham – Bolton – Luton – Sevenoaks – Glasgow – Stockton on Tees – Wolverhampton – Nottingham – Reading – Antrim – Ipswich in other words we are rarely more than a 100 miles from anywhere throughout the UK

How do we do it – in five years it is possible to learn a lot and we have used that time well as we have jointly developed a fully automated computerised system between the companies that covers everything required to ensure a first class installation – from survey to delivery, and installation we have it covered and our systems ensure that all of our customers receive the appropriate notifications so that they always know what is happening and what to expect from us.

Managed and run from Hartlepool delivered and installed throughout the UK that’s the GFD way – Timber Composite Doors along with Global Door and Global Sash Windows are three of the companies operating under the GFD Trading Ltd Group banner within the fenestration market.

Or we could carry on with our careful and deliberate planning to continually improve our service as we already seem to have the national service managed from Hartlepool pretty much sorted if all of our happy TRUST PILOT customers are correct.



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