Welcome Home Major Tim

This week end saw the return of our favourite astronaut – the six months of his flight seemed to have just flown by it only seems likes weeks away that we were wishing him well in our blog “God Speed Major Tim”

One of the reasons that time seems to have flown for us here in the GFD offices is because during Major Tim’s absence the changes that have occurred in our product range whilst Tim has been zooming around the earth have kept us extremely busy updating our web site and ensuring that our customers are fully acquainted with the new products – they are all up there on our web site Timber Composite Doors but would Tim notice the changes if perchance he perused the web site – we first broke the news of these changes in our blog “the news is out” back in April and now not only is the news out but these new products are simply as they say in the best retail circles “rushing off the shelves”


In case Major Tim or indeed you the reader has not had time to revisit our web site here is a repeat of the changes that were so widely anticipated – if our intrepid explorer is after a new front door one of these styles , colours or accessories could be considered “out of this world” – the superb range of Solidor traditional and contemporary doors just keeps on growing more styles, more colours and more accessories and the best place to get them for a superb and efficient sales and installation service site Timber Composite Door


New doors



New Colours



New Glass patterns


we gave a preview of these in our blog “and they wonder why we complain”   – but here they are again in case you missed them –


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 13.36.33

yes there are a number of changes to the accessories range most notably the introduction of Swan Neck handles and a new range of traditional style handles and much much more.

Its definitly all change on the Solidor front – however, whenever changes are made there are losers in this instance four door styles – which as the banner says “ will no longer be advertised but still available as a special “

Yes, a lot changes in six months ours at Timber Composite Doors may not be as dramatic as life changing Major Tim’s experience – but they are certainly important if you are contemplating a new front door any time soon.