We will install a Solidor anywhere – except ?


We will install a Solidor Composite Door anywhere – except ????

At Timber Composite Door we are very proud of our excellent installation service – currently we will fit your door for you anywhere in England , Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and we are pretty sure that if were asked to install in some sunnier climate say Spain , France or Portugal that we could provide the requisite service at a “premium” cost.

We will even install in commercial buildings such as offices, hotels etc but a recent BBC news item has got us thinking as to just how careful we should be when we say we will install anywhere –

Hotels – yes

But this hotel – maybe not – NO – make that a definite we will not install here –

A hotel in Cusco Peru would definitely defeat our best installation intentions – at least with three of its bedrooms – which comprise pods perched on the side of a cliff some 400 metres above the valley below

At Timber Composite Door we are not afraid of heights and we love taking on new challenges but we are not sure that we have installers with the correct climbing qualifications to take on this task.

The images got us thinking, which of our excellent range of doors would we if asked, recommend for an installation such as this – something with a lot of glass why have a view and waste it – the only sensible choice would be the “Biella” in white – the Biela is only one of nineteen door styles in the superb Italia Collection of Solidor doors as marketed by Timber Composite Door and we think it would fit quite nicely as the entrance to one of these pods.

Solidor Biella Timber Composite Door

For the majority of us more normal mortals this Peruvian Hotel and more specifically this Peruvian Hotels Mountainside Pods are a pleasure we will never experience – which is fine by us. However for the Timber Composite Door installation experience in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you do not have to take our word – there is no recommendation that is better than that of satisfied customers – every Timber Composite Door customer is requested to submit a comment as to their door purchase and installation experience to the independent organisation – TRUST PILOT read the reviews yourself before you decide.

Timber Composite Door will be happy to provide the door of your choice and install it for you (for the appropriate payment) provided that you do not reside in a GLASS POD on any mountainside anywhere.

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