Timber Composite Doors, a Superb Investment


Timber composite doors – a superb investment

At Timber Composite Doors one of the things we regularly include in our advertising speak is a statement that the expected longevity for one of our typical hardwood cored timber composite doors is circa thirty to thirty-five-years provided that the door is correctly maintained – the occasional wipe with a damp cloth and the occasional drop pf oil on hinge’s locks etc.

Many would say that a door is simply another commodity that is there to be replaced and this got us thinking here in the office – how would one of our doors compare when measured against similar “disposable commodities” how would we justify the statement that a Timber Composite Door is a superb investment?

If our doors had been around in say 1950 with a thirty to thirty-five-year life span our door (if it lives up to our expectations) it would either just have been replaced for or would be just coming up to being replaced for the second time (the third new door)

By comparison –

A child born in 1950 would probably now be a grandparent and what changes they would have seen in their life –

They would probably have had more than one home and in some instances considerably more

And the things that a child of the 2000’s take for granted –

Cars – a car of the 1950’s can generally only now be found in a motor museum and anyone born in that year will probably have owned a minimum of a dozen in the intervening years?

Televisions – if you had one in the 1950’s it was probably something in a cabinet half the size of your living room with a flickering 12 inch black and white screen (inches because metric was not used back then) – now we have multiple TVs in our homes – and how many times have we replaced them to keep up with the latest iteration – colour, HD, Plasma, LED, 3D, 4K etc etc?

Telephones – they only had land lines back in 1950 and they were extremely rare now we change our mobiles and I phones etc every second Tuesday or so it seems

Computers /Lap tops and tablets in the 1950’s the term, “computer room”, literally meant a room as big as was required to hold a computer – modern tablets have more computing power in the palm of the hand than the 1950’s giants – how many times have you changed yours in the last five years?

Household gadgets – washing machines, fridges, kettles and irons to name but four were either mechanical rather than electrical or simply did not exist as we know them – and how many times have they been replaced in seventy years?

And a final comparison- Holidays, back in 1950 if you were lucky in enough to have one at all it probably comprised a week in a caravan at the seaside resort nearest to your home – now the world is accessible to everyone and how many continental holidays have you had in recent years.

We have no idea what a timber composite door would have cost in 1950 and 1980 ish (for the first replacement one) but even if they cost a combined total of say £3,000 (in today’s money) they would still represent incredible value for money when assessed over a sixty / seventy-year period – far better than any of the other items that we have used for comparison.

Even if we are optimistic in our assessment of a thirty/ thirty-five-year life span these doors still represent incredible value as measured by the history of our own company Timber Composite Door – we have been installing these doors for ten years and we know that many of our original installations are still performing superbly and looking as good as they did on the door we installed them – how many of the items noted above have you already replaced a number of times in the last ten years?

Maybe if any of us in the office are still around in circa 2040 we should review this article and check out some of our 2010 installations to see how they have stood the test of time.


When a door looks this good it deserves to last!

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