They tried to break in at 3.30am, my children, the dog and I heard nothing


“They tried to break in at 3.30am, my children, the dog and I heard nothing!”

The first Donna knew about the fact her home had been attacked was the next day. She explains,“ When I came home from work the next day and parked up I noticed my CCTV system pointing towards the sky! That was the first I knew of anything!”

Entering her home, Donna was quick to check her home CCTV system to find out what had happened. It revealed a hooded intruder casually stroll up her path at 3.30am and move her CCTV camera to point to the sky! Capturing the noise of metal on metal on the CCTV she quickly ran outside to check for damage, suspecting at this point her car had been broken into and in her haste to get to work that morning, she hadn’t noticed. To her relief she found no damage or signs of attempted ingress.

Returning back inside to review the footage, she promptly called her local police station; on reporting the incident she was quickly informed that 9 other houses in her area had actually been broken into the night before, each with the burglar attacking the door through a technique called Lock Snapping! With the police informed, a CSI was promptly dispatched to gather evidence.

With this news fresh in her mind, she went to look at her door. Sure enough, on closer inspection, she could clearly see marks left on the cylinder on her door from the mole grips. The burglar had clearly attempted to break into her home!

“They tried to break in at 3.30am, my children, the dog and I heard nothing! I dread to think what would have happened had they had gotten in…”

Once the CSI from her local police station had been round to gather the evidence, they told her more about the other homes…

“The CSI said others hadn’t been as lucky, doors had been ripped off, handles snapped and doors had been irrevocably damaged. He was quick to let me know that there was no way anyone was getting through my door, especially with those locks! To my relief, the two doors I bought one year to the day earlier and had installed from yourselves saved us!”

Donna then contacted the customer support team here at TCD to let us know. We spoke to Donna at length about her experiences. She went on to explain, she had moved into the house 12 months before. The first thing she did when acquiring the property was to have two new Solidor Timber Composite Doors fitted by us. She explained she had been looking for doors and speaking with our team since October 2017, in order to get exactly what she required. “ The team were great, chopping and changing designs, styles and glazing, until I finally settled on a design. As soon as I bought the house I ordered the two doors!”

“ The whole house was a huge project, I took my time to do my research, as I wanted to get the best for my home. I researched lots both online and with local companies. I found Timber Composite Doors, and was impressed by the help and assistance. I had read the website and learnt about the Ultion cylinders and the Solidor timber composite doors “

We would like to thank Donna for sharing her story with us!

“We as a company truly believe in Ultion and Our Solidor Timber Composite Doors. Its great testament to the products that the messages we give to customers are genuine and not just sales waffle.

Donna commented, “I know as a society we are quick to moan when something goes wrong, but never to praise when something goes right, hence I wanted to let you know about this.

Its a Solidor Timber Composite Door with Ultion,
Its a Solidor Timber Composite Door with Ultion,
Scuff Marks on the door for the attackers mole grips
Scuff Marks on the door for the attackers mole grips

Without my home being protected by your doors and locks, we would have become a victim!”

It’s not the first time we have had customers come back to tell us about how our doors have protected their homes. See some of the other stories here:

We only install Ultion as standard throughout all our doors



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