The next time you are part of a crowd – beware


The next time you are part of a crowd – beware

-someone may be using you and /or your phone to create electricity.

We at GFD HQ thought that it sounded absurd – so you are not alone if that’s what you are now thinking – but then we read a recent BBC news article – Electricity from the air and all of a sudden the concept did not seem quite so strange. Ever wondered what happens to all those radio waves – the radio frequency energy that seem to power everything these days Lord Drayson did and he came up with the concept of harnessing the ones that are just floating around recycling them and using the power they create to power low energy devices and sensors. The concept is brilliant way beyond our feeble minds here at GFD HQ but one of the possible concepts Lord Drayson suggested sounds positively brilliant to us – using the free energy to re power re chargeable batteries – how many things in your home or life are only as good as the battery life – the problem would disappear if you had a source of constant recharging – brilliant.

This level of technology is something which we at GFD HQ can only stand and gaze at with awe it’s wonderful and when it is available as a product we will no doubt be some of the first in line to purchase because we like our devices and gadgets but having the brainpower to create the concept is not for us.

We at GFD HQ know our limitations – through our Timber Composite Doors site we sell doors and they are very good doors – not part of any crowd – our Solidor doors are a bit like Lord Draysons’ concept of collecting radio waves – there are hundreds of composite door suppliers on line but one of the very few who stand out from the crowd are the very Solidor Doors that we sell.

A range of doors that are ultra stylish, available in range of seventeen colours with multiple glazing and accessory options and that’s before the technical aspects of, thermal performance, security protection, weather tightness and a structural compliance are considered.

A crowd of doors which may all be very nice


But this is better

A pair of Turin doors in white with glazed curved head overhead panel

A photograph taken straight from our web site Gallery Page

Our doors may never create electricity but when your friends and neighbours see your new door from Timber Composite door will light up any room without the need for any other power source.

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