No more “Notspots”



 One of the more annoying traits of the UK press is that if they do not have a word to cover the meaning of the thought which they are trying to convey – they simply make one up – what is probably even more alarming is the number of such words that end up as part of the everyday language we all use.

One of the words about to tread this path is – yep the one at the top of the page “Notspots” at GFD HQ we thought we knew what it meant but we were not 100% certain and the only reason we knew is because we are digital company selling on the world wide web – if you do not have the web where you live you will not be able to find us and if you are looking for a new door a potential sale from our excellent range could be an unfulfilled potential.

A recent BBC article by the man with the best name in broadcasting Rory Cellan – Jones ( is there anybody out there who does not think that that is a great name – just sort of roles off the tongue) but we digress Rory’s article Broadband Britain -is it working ? summarises the problems that still exist in the UK – there are still in every corner of these Isles “Notspots” where reception is either none existent or so slow as to be frustratingly useless. After years of debate and proposals the current best estimate appears to be that 95% of UK households will be hooked up by 2017 – at GFD HQ we are not holding our breath – we want “Notspots” banished forever we want everyone out there to be able to enjoy the benefits of online shopping – particularly those who are looking for new front doors –

Just look at what they are missing –

Solidor-Milano-Timber-Composite-DoorThe Milano

Solidor-Conway-Timber-Composite-Door The Conway

Solidor-Tenby-Timber-Composite-DoorThe Tenby


Just three of the exceptional doors available from Timber Composite Doors A range of doors that are ultra stylish, available in range of seventeen colours with multiple glazing and accessory options and that’s before the technical aspects of, thermal performance, security protection, weather tightness and structural compliance are considered.

We are urging all potential Timber Composite Doors customers who live in “notspots” to lobby their MP’s at GFD HQ we are on your side we believe the Internet should be available to all and yes we do have a vested interest in making this request.


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