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Aleppo in ruins

Here at GFD Group of companies we do not consider ourselves to be politically orientated we take as much of an interest in world affairs as the next person but the recent photographs coming out of Aleppo in Syria definitely place it on our “Places we will not deliver list”

It seems like a lifetime ago – but it was only 2nd December last year that there was a political furore as to whether the UK should enter further into the Middle East war arena to bomb Isal-Diash in Syria – with what has happened in the intervening months the current question has to be – “what was the fuss about”

That which was perceived a humanitarian act by many and an act of war by others now pales into insignificance against the reality of what has occurred since we would ask one simple question –

“Does anyone really know what is going on in Syria?”

The UK / US/European intervention was to hit selected targets and minimise civilian casualties –

The Assad regime with the assistance of Russia seems to be to carpet bomb some areas of the country out of existence

As for the various rebel groups we do not even pretend to know who is fighting whom anymore

We came across this CNN news item attempts to clarify the situation but the photographs it includes are not for the feint hearted.

This is a war in which there are no longer winners or losers anymore just tens of thousands of dead or homeless individuals – many of the homeless are unaware of why this situation has ever occurred or even which side they are meant to support – a definite punishment of the innocent.

At GFD Group we sell doors , very good quality doors we do not wage war on anyone we do not even pressurise potential customers to purchase our doors therefore we have little or no concept of that which has happened recently in Aleppo we would simply like it to stop.

From that which we understand from our history lessons Syria was once a beautiful country

We at GFD Group would – like most humanitarian individuals – love to see it return to its former glories – but until such a day arises it will stay firmly on the “Places we will not deliver list”


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