Stay safe this summer


Stay safe this summer

The month of August for many means simply one thing, “Summer Holidays” long days relaxing in the sun for those of us lucky enough to be jetting abroad, or chancing the UK weather with a staycation for those with less exotic inclinations or even simply relaxing at home doing all of those jobs that you have been promising yourself that you would do for the last twelve months. Whatever your choice maybe, whether you travel far afield or stay close to home it’s important to always protect your home and that even includes when even when you’re there in residence!

Burglaries and unwelcome intruders love the holiday season for a number of reasons

–properties can be left unattended for long periods no-one to disrupt their illegal intentions

– windows are frequently left open windows to let the cooling breeze in and forgotten to be closed in the evening.

-doors are left open and unlocked for that same welcome breeze and forgotten to be locked in the avenue

– to get the kids paddling pool or the BBQ out of the shed you first have to remove yours and the kids bikes and do you remember to replace and relock such personal possessions or do you just wonder where they have gone the following morning?

The opportunist thief will see and take advantage of all of the above, at Timber Composite Door one of our frequent customer requests is information as to how they can make their property more secure during holiday periods our first advice is always to fit a new Solidor Composite door from ourselves as the doors are solid durable have excellent locking systems making them some of the safest and securest currently available. However, even with one of our new doors your home may still be vulnerable but there are simple steps that you can take to ensure that your home and belongings are as secure as they can be and most of them are simply common sense –

  • When you are not home always close and lock windows and in warm weather before you retire for the evening ensure that you secure all ground floor windows. If you are a person who cannot sleep without a window open think about installing restrictors that can’t be opened wide enough for somebody to climb through.
  • Always keep your house keys out of reach i.e. away from the letterbox, window or cat flap.
  • If you are away from home put your prized possessions out of the sight of anyone looking through your windows particularly the easy to carry items with a resale value such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets and even jewellery boxes – what the eye does not see etc.
  • Invest in a timer or two that operate your lights in your absence they are a cheap and cost-effective way of giving the impression that someone is home.
  • Clear your garden of tools, toys and other personal effects and lock them securely in a shed or garage – you may not enjoy mowing your lawn but a would-be thief may get a good price for your mower.
  • As everyone leaves the spare key under a plant pot or a mat, don’t be surprised if the would-be thief also knows this – simple and easy don’t do it.
  • If you are away for an extended period ask a trusted neighbour, family or friend to make occasional visits to ensure that your property is secure.
  • If you have a burglar alarm, ensure it works and is activated whilst your away
  • Do not advertise your absence on social media tell your friends you’re on holiday not the world because thieves can also read – if you must use social media ensure that your settings for such items are private.
  • And the obvious ones which have been the subject of many a sit com – remember to cancel the milk and the newspapers and if you are someone who receives a lot of mail request that your trusted neighbour, family or friend checks that your letterbox is clear on their visits.

Burglaries can happen even when you’re at home you could be asleep or in another room or out in the garden the burglar does announce his presence therefore even when you are at home you should still be checking to ensure that your windows and doors are locked and that your door itself is solid and secure and that all locks are functioning correctly.

74% of burglaries are through the door

(up from 71% 2014)

Source: Crime Survey for England and Wales, Office for National Statistics

If you have any doubts as to the security of your front door a Timber Composite Door Solidor composite door should be considered as an optional upgrade to your home – with its 48mm solid hardwood core an 2mm thick skins you are guaranteed a high level of security

this is a door that is almost impenetrable to burglars and easily complies with the latest “cut through test” requirements of the current Building Regulations.

There are two endorsements that you will see on our web site in respect of all of our doors “PAS 24” and “Secured by Design”

PAS 24 is a specific accreditation which is recognised by both Police and Insurance companies for enhanced security and is a requirement for composite doors in order to meet the current Building Regulations.

The previous standard test (which has recently been upgraded) meant that it was too easy to make large holes in many of the composite doors on the market, hence the improved test which requires a more rigorous “cut through” test performed on the door. The revised PAS24 test which has been incorporated into Part Q of the Building Regulations gives composite doors three minutes to survive an attack, using two chisels (a 6mm and a 25mm) and a Stanley knife. If, using just these tools, the tester can cut a 50mm square hole through the door in less than three minutes, the door fails. If he can’t, it passes.

Here at Timber Composite Door we have highlighted this change in the regulations many times particularly in our blog and-now-youre-gonna-believe-us which we wrote within weeks of the change in the law advising how the Solidor door had already achieved this standard – or you could just watch the video on the “what makes a Solidor” page of our web site

A solid door is still only as good as its locking system and with a multi-point locking system utilising the “Ultion” cylinder as its base the locking system of the Solidor is exceptional a strong secure cylinder that cannot be “bumped”, drilled” or “snapped” (to find out more see our Ultion door lock page ) the Ultion is currently the most secure lock available for domestic properties.

To steal a phrase from someone else’s advertising – “this lock is not just any lock it’s an Ultion lock” – the key to the whole Ultion Defence System and a pretty much guaranteed way to stop intruders gaining entry through your front door.

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’? Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products including the supporting of PAS 24


The Timber Composite Door Solidor is not only a very secure door – it loses absolutely nothing in the style stakes with literally “billions” of permutations a fact we covered in the noted blog with dozens of styles and colours and masses of glazing and accessories options you can, using our door designer, personalise your door to make it unique to your property.

It’s not too late for you and your family to enjoy your August break secure in the knowledge that whilst you play in the sun your new Timber Composite Door Solidor door will be keeping your home and your possessions safe and secure.



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