Shut that door!


Shut that door!

Coming soon to a household near you – it could be yours, or your neighbours or anyone of the households in your town – but it will come and it will be heard – for some it will simply be ignored, but for others it should serve as a warning.

The “coming soon” in question is quite simply the always emotive cry of “shut that door” – over recent months we have all (or most of us) been lulled into a false sense of security and the cry has all but disappeared from our lives – the days have been long the temperatures have been good, for most parts of the country, and it has been a blessing (if not a necessity) to throw our doors open wide and get as much air through our homes as possible, if only to cool them down and try to avoid the sleepless nights brought on by hot and humid conditions.

The weather will change over the coming months and we will all be less keen to leave doors open and that’s when the cry will begin again – “shut that door” but this time it will be for a totally different reason, the cool air that you have welcomed over recent months will be less of an appreciated house guest. Come the day when you have to start turning the heating on to warm your home, that once welcome draught will quickly turn into a curse as you feel the chill causing your heating system to kick in and you watch your gas/ electric meter readings steadily climbing.

For all of those lucky individuals who have already installed a new Composite front door from Timber Composite Door a door chosen from the excellent Solidor range you can stop reading now, because you will already know that once your new Solidor is closed, its closed, fully draught proofed so no draughts and with a solid hardwood timber core and glazed panels that are always double glazed, you have installed one of the most thermally efficient doors currently available.

If the cry of “shut that door” persists in a household with a new Composite front door from Timber Composite Door the problem will not be the door it will most definitely be a family member or pet as the cause and they can all be trained to close doors. However, for those of you who have not acquired a new Composite front door from Timber Composite Door the problem could be different maybe before the weather changes it is a good time to take a good look at your existing front door and ask yourself the following –

Is it draughtproofed and if so does it look like it works or is it all worn and tired looking?

Does your door sit square in the frame or is it all warped and twisted?

Are the glazed panels single or double glazed and what about that cracked pane?

Is your frame still solidly connected to the wall and sealed all around or does it just sort of “fit where it touches” leaving air gaps all around?

Does your letterbox still have a flap and does it actually close?

If your door suffers from any of the above the cry of “shut that door” is going to be heard rather a lot in your household this winter and the most unfortunate consequence of any of the above is that even with your door firmly shut you are not going to stop those draughts and that is definitely going to cost you more money on heating bills – lots of it.

The good news is that your coming winter does not have to be a tale of cold, misery and expense – there are no special requirements needed to purchase a new Composite front door from Timber Composite Door all it takes is a visit to our web site (and we have included lots of links in this article) check out all the styles colours and accessories – design the door of your choice, select our 0% finance deal if you require it and our installation service anywhere throughout the UK is highly recommended – follow the easy to navigate “user friendly” instructions and you could have a new Composite front door from Timber Composite Door installed within a matter of weeks.




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