Solidor, Composite Front Doors


Solidor Composite Front Doors

Composite Front Doors have in the last ten years become the door of choice for anyone wishing to renew their front door, but with any commodity there are some substantial differences in quality in the product you are choosing. With regard to Timber Composite Doors, the clue is in the name – yes they are composite in construction but whereas some others use a compressed foam core our doors have a compressed hardwood core.

It requires an exploded view to show just how detailed the construction of our doors are –

All the information regarding the door construction is on the web site along with a lot more technical details

Here at we are often accused of exaggeration when we say that there are a billion options available for our doors we do not think so and when you take a look at our door designer and you may well believe us – just try this simple exercise for yourself –

Step 1 pick a traditional door you are asked to choose a frame type there are seventeen of these

Step 2 pick a door style – there are thirty-two of these

Step 3 pick an external door colour – there are twenty of these (we better upgrade the graphic above because it only references seventeen

Step 4 pick an internal colour – there are twenty of these same as the external

Step 5 pick an external frame colour – there are nine of these

Step 6 pick an internal frame colour – this is normally white unless you wish to match it to an internal colour and there are twenty such options.

Step 7 pick the glass – we reckon that we show fifty plus but as not every glass fits every door lets use an average of twenty

Step 8 pick some hardware three ranges of handles in ten options of colour

Step 9 pick your accessories there are four of them suited by colour that’s sixteen options

Step 10 pick your key turn option of which there are two

Step 11 – pick your Ultion Key option which we will ignore because there are just too many to count

We reckon the minimum way (but not necessarily the correct way) to assess the traditional door options is to multiply all of the above together which is –

17x 32 x 20 x 20 x 9 x 20 x 20 x 10 x 2 – which we reckon is 15,667,200,000 which is actually 15 billion if we take the US version of a billion as a 1000 million ie 1,000,000,000, a little short if we take the UK interpretation of a billion as a million million 1,000,000,000,000, but we still have contemporary, cottage, stable and French doors to consider and if we add in all the key fob options we beat any version of a billion – so clearly we are not exaggerating but we do give an amazing choice of options when all anyone is trying to purchase is ONE NEW FRONT DOOR.

However, when that door can look as good as these it has to be worth all the effort it takes to choose.






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