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Quality Doors – quality locks : Take one superb Solidor doors and add one of these locks and your household security rating is instantly cranked up a considerable number of notches.

Timber Composite Door have always prided themselves on the quality of the products they sell – the Solidor range of doors being one of the market leaders for style and durability, built around a solid hardwood core it guarantees quality – a couple of years ago when we introduced the Ultion lock as standard on all of our doors we knew that we were improving that quality even further. Of course, there were those who doubted the claims made for the Ultion lock that it was the “safest” lock available for the domestic market, although the lock had passed all the relevant industry tests and achieved all the required accreditations it was still new and unproven.

However, in recent weeks everything has changed anyone who doubts the accreditations of the Ultion lock must take a look at the following video shot from “a video doorbell” which proves pretty conclusively that the Ultion lock actually does perform as well as its reputation suggests.

Let the home owner Mr Amjid Khan- who was not in the premises at the time explains –

When I got home, I saw the house was secure but someone had snapped the handle and the external barrel of the cylinder lock. However, the main part of the cylinder was still in the door and stopped the burglars getting in.”

He followed up his initial statement by stating

When I saw what happened I contacted a locksmith immediately – and later that day I tweeted to recommend Ultion to everyone I knew.”

If you listen carefully to the video you will hear one of the would-be thieves telling the other that he did not think he could gain entry – when asked for his view Mr Nick Dutton CEO of Brisant Secure, which makes the Ultion lock, explained –

“The two sacrificial sections on Ultion had been snapped and the cylinder had gone into ‘Lock Down Mode’ “The burglars couldn’t get to the attack lock because it was protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core – 25% denser than iron – and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. You can hear how easily the handle got snapped off, but they couldn’t open the door because Ultion was still secure”

 Locks are categorised by star and security ratings and the Ultion fulfils all of the highest requirements as identified in the following chart –

ultion beats the burglar
ultion beats the burglar

We think it is probably best to leave the final word on this video to Mr Khan –

“I can’t recommend Ultion enough. It stopped some scumbags getting into my house and they did their best.”

At Timber Composite Doors we believe our customers deserve the very best products and service and with the Solidor Door which is available in so many styles and colours with so many design accessories when combined with the Ultion lock we are pretty sure that we are providing one of the safest and most stylish products currently available.

Quality Doors deserve quality locks.


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