All the colours of the rainbow


All the colours of the rainbow

Red, Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Purple and indigo

Or as some of us were taught at school the rhyme that will stick with us all of our lives –

Richard of York gained battles invane –

Picking your new front door made easier.

You have chosen your style, you have chosen your perfect glass and accessories and then you hit the wall, you want to be different, you want something that screams of your own indiviiduality – not for you the standard reds, blues or greens or even any of the fancy woodgrains – it has to be different.

If the above description fits with the way you are thinking and you are bored with the choice of door colours that are generally available to you from your prefferred door manufacture – fret no more the answer is at hand here at GFD Group, home of Timber Composite Door because we believe that wherever possible we should give our customers exactly what they want, which is why we have teamed up with a specialist colour bonding company in an endeavour to make our customers dreams come true.

Provided that the colour you choose matches with a “RAL” (the European standrd for colours) number we can provide the door you want, its as easy as that, you give us the RAL number when you order the door and we will consult with our suppliers and advise a supplemental quotation for providing the door of your choice. If you decide to proceed we will pass your manufactured door to our specialists who will spray and bake your chosen colour to provide a your door with a solid and durable recoat in the colour of your choice. If you are taking advantage of our tried and trusted installation service we will, at a time and date of your choosing deliver and instal your new front door and when we are complete you can stand back and admire the individuality of your choice.

Unfortunately we can not say that you will be the first to avail yourself of this service there are others before you who have exercised their artistic flair in their choice of colours and accessories and here just as they would say on the best “Cookery programmes” is “one we prepared earlier”

The yellow cill in this instance seems to work quite well but our general recommendation would be that you limit the colour bonding to the actual door and stick with a cill colour to match the frame but that’s all it is a recommendation – the final choice is yours.


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