Now thats taking things a bit far


Now that’s taking things a bit far –

We have all become very familiar with these kind of images of properties showing where the heat escapes –


And we ourselves here at GFD Group have used many such images in our blogs and articles to try to convince our prospective customers that maybe now is the time to throw out their draughty old front door and purchase a super new factory engineered draught proofed and thermally efficient composite front door.

We have to admit that here in the GFD offices we are rarely surprise at how far some people will go to be different but every now and then we see something where we even we have to stop and take a double take and ask is that for real.

For most of us new doors and windows, cavity insulation, maybe a new boiler and possibly solar panels would be our attempt at reducing our personal bills and being just a bit ECO friendly. By comparison with this example which we recent came across we have not even started down the right road – this has to be the best ECO friendly warm and draught free environment it is possible to create –


A home built within a greenhouse – it has not been a good winter up here in the North but we have not seen any of these yet – this one was built by a couple in Stockholm – Sweden where January temperatures are freezing and below for that month and a lot of the winter. They built the greenhouse around their home to grow food and keep warm year round and if you tune in and listen to the video in the article it seems to work well so many benefits –


Limited draughts but much warmer than the outside

Growing fruit and vegetable

Simple maintenance of the timber framed home

Solar heat and power which saves a fortune in Sweden

Waste recycling etc using grey water to cultivate their plants

The house does not even need a conventional roof –

And we are struggling to find the detrimental side –

The greenhouse is of course built with Laminated security glass rather than horticultural for safety reasons.

The couple who built this property consider it to be very much a work in progress and accept that there are still many improvements that they need to make before they can achieve full self-sufficiency but as a concept this home presents a very good starting point.

It’s strange that we consider this such a radical development when we have been building Greenhouses to protect plants for generations take for instance any of our major Horticultural Gardens and they all have extremely large Greenhouses which are always pleasant to walk through and which in many instances are large enough to accommodate a typical suburban home.

Looking at size of some of the greenhouses we have given to plants its surprising that we have not come up with this before.

Here at GFD Group much as we like the concept we most certainly would not want it to be universally – our business is built upon selling excellent quality thermal and acoustically insulated composite doors – in a world full of greenhouse homes where would our market come from.

But for the present the GFD group which comprises Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure can continue to provide you with the front door you need to keep out the British chill winter until you build your greenhouse.

With doors of the quality of our Solidor standard and Italia Collection we are pretty sure that our Timber Composite Doors web outlet will not have to worry about greenhouses over houses any time soon – the quality and style of these doors speak for themselves – twenty-nine styles, eighteen colours and masses of accessories –


When doors look as good as this Black Milano or Red Harlech they should not be hidden away in a greenhouse.



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