Nothing beats a bit of symmetry


Nature shows it off best in reflections, particularly the perfectly “in balance” reflection of mountains in a tranquil lake, one is real the other a perfect duplicate. When any two objects are placed side by side they invariably look better if they are a matched pair, symmetry never looks wrong and will always enhance the image, or will it? For symmetry to work the two objects must be the same, a pair of vases, a pair of chairs etc, if the objects are the same and the distance between them is the same, balanced, then symmetry is guaranteed.

So what of doors, matching doors side by side, should be easy?

The perfect location for matching doors has to be a terraced property, converted to flats, where upstairs and downstairs properties share a brick entry porch so doors can be set side by side. There are of course logistics involved, both neighbours have to agree firstly to change their front doors, then they have to agree upon the choice of doors, then they have to ensure that they will fit the opening. This is exactly the sort of task that Timber Composite Doors love, getting it right for our customers and giving them exactly what they want –

greentick2Doors – Check – Matching black Solidor Tenby doors with overhead panels


greentick2Frames – Check – Matching black Solidor frames, including the complex centre mullion to incorporate both doors


greentick2Glazing – Check – Matching obscure glazing


greentick2Accessories – Check – Chrome letter plates, door Knockers, spy holes and numerals


greentick2Symmetry guaranteed – that is for at least 90% of the appearance of the doors and the odd 10% throws the whole appearance of this matching pair out of balance –


Locks – Mismatch – different locking systems placed at different heights on the doors one with door knob one without.

At Timber Composite Doors we respect our customer’s choices and will do whatever it takes to help them sort the door of their dreams but we would never dictate to our customers, it is their door and their choices.

This beautiful pair of doors is unfortunately one which slipped the net where maybe we should have suggested matching locking systems – nothing beats a bit of symmetry.

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