How do I know if my door is a Solidor


knock on wood

The company Solidor, the slogan “sounds like a Solidor” so what does it mean, try it for yourself, try knocking on a Solidor, there is something deeply satisfying about the sound of fingers rapping on solid wood, because that’s what you get with a solid wood composite door. This is a door that is built around a solid compressed hardwood core, not a compressed polyurethane foam or a flimsy UPVC panel, this is a door of substance and there lies the difference. A 48mm solid timber core guarantees that you will feel safe and secure from the elements and unwanted intruders, the door itself is strong but when coupled with the unique reinforced door frame and “secured by Design” locking systems this door takes on a feeling of impregnability. This door has credentials – Thermal credentials, it’s up there with the best and – ECO credentials – wood is natural and renewable and all of the timber used in these doors is harvested from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. This is a door of quality and substance which is available in some of the most original and innovative styles and colours, truly a door to cherish and once installed in your home a door you will not want to lose. Maybe even Eddie Floyd was thinking about a Solidor door when he wrote the original lyrics of “knock on wood” and started with the words

“I don’t want to lose you, this good thing
that I got ’cause if I do
I will surely,
surely lose a lot.”

Timeless Lyrics, lyrics that sum up the feelings when describing their new front door of every one of our customers who have installed a Solidor from Timber Composite Doors

There will of course be individuals reading this article who are totally unfamiliar with this classic rock anthem so why not give it a listen the soundtrack is on the link,  or if you remember the original give it another listen for old times’ sake.

Whenever you hear the phrase “knock on wood” in the future you will have a choice of memories “Eddie Floyd” or “sounds like a Solidor” at Timber Composite Doors we would take the door every time so if you require any assistance in choosing a genuine solid timber composite door simply give us a call.

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