New Pound no longer round


New Pound no longer round

The shape of things to come – somehow it seems quite fitting that the week that saw the launch of what threatens to become an annual Star Wars event should also see the unveiling of the new pound which will be in your pocket come 2017. The last round pound was minted this week as it seems it had simply reached the stage where it was too easy to copy, something which is considered will be considerably harder to do with the new twelve sided two metal coin – here at GFD HQ we are not so sure – is there anything in this world of ours that cannot be copied.



As suppliers of the superb Solidor range of timber core composite doors through our Timber Composite Door website we know that there are a growing band of companies copying this product but currently we are unaware of anyone who has yet surpassed it for quality.

We at GFD HQ can also happily advise our customers that we have no intention of being phased out sometime during 2017 we are on an upward spiral of growth determined to give all of our customers the very best in product and service whether it be doors, windows or locks and accessories there is a GFD Group company that can service your needs take a look at – Timber Composite Doors, Global Door, Fusion Door, Composite Door Prices and for windows Global Sash Windows or if it’s just accessories your after Eurosecure and find out for yourself.

Back to the superb Solidor range you only have to take a look at our Timber Composite Door web site to see why it is the leading brand of timber core composite doors – with twenty nine styles and eighteen colours there is a door to suit everyone and anyone and that’s before we start to consider all of the glazing and accessory options.


Here at GFD HQ we are not at all surprised that there are so many companies trying to emulate these designs but we doubt that there are any who can emulate the either Solidor “Eco” policy of sourcing timber from sustainable sources (to keep images like that above as the norm rather than the exception) or their attention to detail in the disposal and or reuse of salvageable waste

With doors as stylish as the Milano or the Messina or any one of the other twenty seven in the range these are doors that would grace any home so of course there will always be copies but will they be as good as these –


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