Counting Down the Days


Counting down the days –

And we do not mean to Christmas – as Major Tim blasts off on his real space adventure the rest of us are waiting for our fix of fantasy the excitement is rising as it gets closer by the hour – anyone who has read our blog through the month of December can be in no doubt of what we mean as we have been running our very own “Star Wars Door Fest”.


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Wherever we seem to look at the present – TV or Press everyone seems to be obsessed with the opening of “the Force Awakens” now that it has finally been premiered in Las Angeles the one thing we all need to know is – is it any good – of course it is according to the Independent – twitter has gone through the roof – and the verdict – “you will leave the cinema smiling” – can’t wait.

But what if you are one of those very rare creatures indeed in the western world whose interest in Star Wars is precisely NIL – where can you actually go to avoid all the furore the good old BBC has wasted some more tax payers money and conducted a survey of “How to avoid The Force Awakens” and yes the answers are pretty obvious –

  • Move to somewhere remote or maybe just the parts of the world that are not gripped by Star Wars fever
  • Do not go to the cinema
  • Do not mix with crowds
  • Stay in bed and read a book

Etc etc etc – makes you wonder why they bothered but it is a BBC speciality conducting a survey to state the obvious.

Here at GFD HQ the one thing we know for certain is even after our “Star Wars Doors” like the opening of the movie – becomes a thing of the past – we will not be hiding, fading away or running for cover – they may no longer be “Star Doors” as per Star Wars but we will still be marketing the same superb quality Solidor Doors here at Timber Composite Door



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