Messina, a city between two sea’s : Solidor Messina Composite Door


There are a very few cities in the world that can truly say they that they sit between two sea but Messina is one such city facing out from the North east Corner of Sicily it faces across the Straits  that bears its name and divides the Italian Region of Calabria  from the Island of Sicily. To the North is the Tyrrhenian Sea and to the south the Ionian Sea and if that were insufficient they both form part of the greater Mediterranean Sea so Messina is a city with a true nautical tradition. As the main portal to Sicily with a port uniquely shaped like a sickle . Messina has been the subject of many foreign influences as a result of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans and Swabians who have all landed on its coasts and impacted upon the culture both here and throughout the Island.

The main mode of transport between Messina and the mainland are the traditional ferries which have plied the route for generations, although much talked about a bridge still remains a distant possibility due to the fragile nature of the coastline and problems with erosion.

The one feature of Sicily that everyone knows is that it is the home of the (for the present) dormant Mt Etna which lies inland to the west of Messina but this is far from the only remnant of volcanic history in the area for just north of Messina lie the group of volcanic  islandsknown as the Aeolians and comprising  Lipari, Panarea, Salina, Stromboli, Vulcano, Filicudia and Alicudia which together form a World Heritage Site where each island has its own beauty and historical identity.

Another object which is given the name Messina and which is an item of natural beauty is the door that as part of the Solidor Italia Collection bears the name of the Messina and which is available on this web site from Timber Composite Door.

The Messina is a striking door with its three offset glazed panels of differing sizes it is different in appearance from the more conventional of door styles  and this is a door that looks really good in anyone of the seventeen colours in which it is available – add the hardware and glazing of your choice and your Messina can be just like the Aeolian islands, a thing of natural beauty that is truly unique.


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