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Imola  Ferrari Clienti day 15th June  2011

Think red – think Ferrari: think green (British Racing Green) – think Jaguar: think blue think Renault:  think (French Grey) Silver – think Mercedes – the colours of the livery of some of the biggest names in motor sport and equally as important they are some of the vast range of colours in the superb Solidor Italia Collection of doors as supplied by Timber Composite Doors.

There used to be a time when Formula 1 team liveries were predictable, the Italian teams ran in ‘rosso corsa’ racing red, the British outfits in a stately racing green, the French in a Gallic blue and the Germans in white – or bare-metal ‘silver’, as Mercedes’ – but how did this come about a question we have often wondered. “Gordon Bennett” a term of colloquialism that has crept into the English language used to express astonishment provides the answer – but also the name of a millionaire who sponsored the Gordon Bennett Cups a series of six motor touring races between 1900 and 1900 – as the teams came from all over Europe and USA to distinguish them they all had to select a colour for their cars – colours which are still broadly recognised today.

One of the forgotten cities of Grand Prix racing where the cars proudly carried those colours is that of Imola a city in Northern Italy,  the home of the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari the track which  formerly hosted the San Marino Grand Prix from 1981 – 2006, the race was named after the nearby independent republic of San Marino as Monza was already established as the home of the Italian Grand Prix. This was a track much favoured by Michael Schumacher who won seven of his numerous wins on this track, unfortunately it also had its share of misfortune claiming the lives of drivers Ayrton  Senna of Brazil and Roland Ratzenberger  of Austria at the tragic 1994 event.

Michael Schumacher at Monza in 2002



The circuit is no longer used for Formula 1 events but is still used for numerous other events, most recently hosting the final race in the Formula 3 European Championship  on Oct 12th of this year.

One other place where the magic of Imola lives on is in the Solidor Italia Collection, the door that carries this illustrious name is definitely just a little bit different – unkindly referred to as “The upside down door” by some because of its reversal of the normal positioning  of glazed panels. This is not the way we at Timber Composite Doors see it this is a door that does not compromise on style it quite simply screams live life in the fast lane and dare to be different.

If you want a new front door that’s just a little bit different the Imola could be the door for you particularly if you want to live life in the fast lane.

Solidor Imola Composite Door

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