Garda – the largest lake in Italy – Solidor Garda Composite Door


Garda – the largest lake in Italy is big bold and beautiful just like the door from the Solidor Italia range that carries its name, the lake forms the southern gateway to Italy from the Alps. The lake is 51.6 km long, 4km wide at the northern end and 17 km wide at the southern end and with a depth that ranges from an average of 136m to a maximum of 346m it provides a rich habitat for the many species of fish which live in the lake. The Pike is one of the many fish that abound in this lake so if you decide to go swimming here and from personal experience we can advise it is very cold even in the summer, remember to remove any gold jewellery necklaces chains etc as the Pike see these as a “fish lure” and you might just attract their attentions for all the wrong reasons.

If you are among the super fit you could walk the shoreline perimeter which is some 160 km in length which for the majority of us is a car ride rather than a walk.

Garda which lies in a beautiful valley between tall mountains has its own micro climate which allows the growing of, olive groves and world famous vineyards and helps maintain the stunning scenery which surrounds it on all sides. This beautiful lake is a sun trap  between the Alps and the Dolomites to the north where it is bordered by perpendicular cliffs covered with pine forests, to the south where the lake widens so that the farther side of the lake is barely discernible with the naked eye the terrain is much flatter and the area has an almost Mediterranean climate making it a wonderful holiday experience for the numerous holiday makers and visitors who can laze for a week or two or more in the sunshine or explore the hills which surround its shores.

If you are the exploring type and would like visit other lakeside towns travel across the lake is no problem as regular boat and hydrofoil services ply the lake between its many towns notably Garda, Malcesine, Sirmione and Limone to name but a few, all of which have their own individual character.

Due to its central location the towns around the lake also provide a good base/ setting off point for those who wish to explore the cities of northern Italy as places such as Verona and Venice are within easy reach.

Big bold and beautiful the Garda from the Solidor Italia range is a door which when chosen in colours such as Rich Aubergine Duck Egg Blue will with its fine lines and tastefully styled glazing grace any home in the same manner as Lake Garda graces the Italian countryside.

If the Garda is the door for you give us a call at Timber Composite Door and we can guarantee that we will help you install a door that will have friends, family and bye passers stopping and commenting on its beauty for years to come, it may not last as long as the lake but if treat correctly it should be good for the next thirty years.


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