If anyone should have known better – it was this guy


Trust – a short word with a pretty definitive meaning –“ trust like respect so the common saying goes is earned not given but is this still true in today’s world. In so many of our daily actions and routines we are placing our trust in others, it is something we all do every day in so many different ways, frequently we place our trust in others without even realising that we are actually doing so – that other road users will actually drive safely – that the pilot of your holiday plane can actually fly the aircraft etc etc

There are exceptions to every rule and although the vast majority of peoples common sense tells them to do the honest and trustworthy thing – human nature does not always play by the rules – take the guy in this recent article from the Liverpool Echo in summary a retired fire fighter took a few short cuts when he rented out three flats with neither fire alarms or fire doors and the problem was only discovered after a visit by the local council environmental health officers who immediately placed a Prohibition Order on the property – which the ex fire fighter landlord simply ignored.



If anyone should have known what was required to minimise the impact of a fire it has to be an ex fireman – to quote Thomas J Watson the ex CEO of IBM from 1914 – 1956

“The toughest thing about the power of trust is that it’s very difficult to build and very easy to destroy. The essence of trust building is to emphasize the similarities between you and the customer.”

Clearly the ex fireman in this article did not share such principles but we at the GFD Group of companies do. The GFD Group of companies has been built around providing a superior level of service and developing a two way trust between ourselves and our customers – our TRUST PILOT reviews suggest that we are getting it right. As a company we attempt to be as honest as possible in the manner in which we engage with our customers by keeping all our transactions as transparent as possible so our customers can trust our advice and guidance in the knowledge that what they see or want is what they get and if we fail we keep returning until we get it right because the only customers we want are satisfied ones.

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