Sheds that keep out spiders and doors that keep out intruders



Sheds that keep out spiders and doors that keep out intruders

Love them or hate them most of us have an opinion as to whether we can coexist with the common spider – we are fast approaching the time of the year when we start to find that many of them have taken residence in our homes – in the bath, behind the TV or curtains – generally somewhere where it is warmer than outside. One of the many places apart from their natural habitat of hedgerows etc that we find spiders and their cobwebs in abundance is your average garden shed – for years the garden shed has been a no go area for those among us suffer from Arachnophobia but anew day may be dawning for the shed owner who loathes spiders.


If a company called Tiger Sheds have anything to do with it images like the above will no longer strike fear in the hearts of all those who have no love for these creatures because they have just launched a new shed which is claimed to be “spider proof” which has attracted both interest and scepticism according to this item posted on the BBC .
Silicone sealed and painted blue (because spiders do not like blue apparently) it is designed to deter the average arachnid but at circa £2,000 it is not cheap.
At GFD HQ we decided to do our own investigations – as one of the guys actually bought a shed from Tiger Sheds a couple of years ago we had the perfect place to start – (we would also wish to state that it was a very good well constructed shed, courteously delivered with all parts complete and it went together very well and still looks good a couple of years on).
As the forerunner to the current shed we were reliably informed was infested with spiders , frogs and all manner of other creepy crawlies we approached our task with some trepidation – so what did we find in our none spider proofed shed – just one spider – but it was a really big one so maybe Tiger Sheds are naturally spider proof –
Tiger Sheds are not alone in the past couple of weeks in making press releases regarding improvements to their product range Solidor suppliers of timber cored composite doors to Timber Composite Door – released a couple of news items of their own which will significantly impact the Composite Door market while enhancing the Solidor reputation
Release 1- Covers the ability of a Solidor to comply with the new PAS 24 “cut test requirements” requirements for Composite Doors which will in the future be required to achieve a “Secured by Design” accreditation (the one backed by the Police and Insurance Companies) and comply with Part Q of the building regulations – to read the full release and watch the video of how Solidor was the only one of the three tested that met the criteria see


Release 2 – Covers the introduction of the new Ultion lock into the available accessories – new to the market this lock is set to revolutionise home security – anti snap, anti drill, anti bump


The success of this new lock can be measured by the number of door manufacturers who are already adding this lock to their range of options find out more at
All in all a very bad week for shed dwelling spiders and would be burglars but a very good week for shed lovers and security minded home owner.
With every Solidor purchased from Timber Composite Door already meeting the PAS 24 “cut test” and with the Ultion lock available as an extra Timber Composite Door and Solidor are going that extra step to protect their customers interests and of course none of the above in any way diminishes the excellent quality and style upon which these have built their justifiable reputation.
A classic door from the Italia Collection will enhance any property whether it be the Milano or the Palermo (only two of the twenty nine styles available) – in black or Irish oak (only two of the seventeen colours available) with a multitude of glazing and accessory options to choose from to personalise your door –

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 13.22.30

Milano in Black . Palermo in Irish Oak
And every one of our Timber Composite Door customers can rest easy behind their locked front door knowing not only does it look good it is also one of the most secure doors currently available


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