How safe is your front door ?


Lock it – bolt it – but what if ?

How safe is your front door ?

To the average thief a front door is simply another means of breaking into your property and the less security conscious you are the more the opportunity that will arise for him to walk away with your prized possessions.

At the GFD Group we specialise in selling front doors and through our Eurosecure on line outlet we can offer you all the security measures you need to prevent a would be burglar accessing your home.

Looking for new front doors can be very confusing – the easy part is picking the style and the colour you want – but what about the difference in price of various doors and how much does the price impact the specification – the answer can be “a lot” – when reviewing any new door specification one of the key items any potential purchaser should look for is to ensure that the door meets with the requirements of an “secured by design “accreditation

Secured by Design is a Police-backed scheme supporting products that offer an exceptionally high standard of security, the official definition for which is –

“Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.”

A product will only be granted SBD status once it has passed a series of rigorous tests and proved that it is secure enough to resist any burglary attempt.

The reassuring news for all of our Timber Composite Doors customers is that all of our doors already meet with this standard and that includes our French Doors and our Stable doors because just like our normal doors these also include multi-point locking mechanisms which are virtually impossible to break through and an incredibly durable door frame. If that was not sufficient all of our doors now include the “Ultion” lock as a standard fitment – if you want to know what it is that is so special about the “Ultion” lock take a look at our Eurosecure site

where you will find full specification information and all you need to know about the lock that has taken the home security market by storm.

If you have already purchased one of our excellent doors and part of that “need to know” is the availability of extra keys for your new front door it’s all there on the web site check it out it is as easy as filling in the below form which can be found on the “Ultion “page of the Eurosecure web site

If you’re not currently looking for a new front door – but an upgrade of your locks sounds appealing – it’s not a problem as you will see above guidelines as to how to measure your existing lock are included and you can use the same form to order your new locks.

Here at GFD Group the security of our customers matters to us so whether it’s a door from our Timber Composite Doors or a lock from our Eurosecure website you can be assured that we have your safety in mind at all times.




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