How many times a day do you open and lock your door?


Security, particularly home security has not always been the issue it is today – we have all heard our parents /grandparents tell us that back in their day everyone left their doors open and very rarely did anyone ever get burgled that was back in the 1960’s and beyond – fast forward sixty years and how times have changed. The first thing most of us do we enter our property is to make sure the door is securely locked behind us – that is assuming that we had of course already unlocked it to gain entry.

The question “How many times a day do you open and lock your door” which seemed irrelevant n bygone years is now a fundamental requirement to personal security and of course it is a question that is dependent upon many factors – number of doors, number of occupants etc.

Let’s assume a very basic minimum example –

You start the day by l unlocking and off to work you go leaving the door unlocked so your two kids and the “good lady” of the house can vacate the premises. Last one out relocks, that’s (unlock/lock) that’s (2x) minimum (or a lot more times if you are really safety conscious and everyone unlocks/locks.

Assuming someone returns at lunchtime (2x) minimum

The return from school late afternoon early evening (2x)

Then finally at night (2x)

So it’s fair to say 8 times a day would be an absolute minimum for a typical family of four an estimate which could be out by a factor of four if all of the occupants pf the house locked and unlocked the door when they entered or left the premises

A very conservative estimate would be that we unlock/lock our door 56 times a week

Or 2912 times a year!


Lock, unlock, repeat!

It’s a lock that’s what its designed for we hear you say and we all take it for granted that it will work every time. But will it.

Your lock should never be overlooked it is the first component that protects your home – which means, you, your family and your possessions – simplistically – everything you hold dear.

The strength and security quality of your door lock should never be over looked – unfortunately not all looks are as secure as we would like to think and worse still many doors (purchased as a complete unit) come with cheap cylinders which cost about £3. They look nice and shiny when first fitted, but they come with no guarantee that they will work when you need them most or provide you with the level of security you would expect.


At GFD Group whether it be our Eurosecure division or our Composite Door outlets – Timber Composite Door / Global Door we are in the business of locks and door security, sadly the failure and consequences of faulty /defective locks is an all too common problem we hear about daily!


At GFD Group we take your security extremely seriously, that’s why every

Timber Composite / Global Door comes fitted with the new Ultion WXM cylinder as standard

and our Eurosecure website offers the Ultion WXM lock as a replacement option to purchase to replace their inferior locks.

Ultion Locks have been standard in all our doors for the past two years! Yes! they cost a little

more but they are guaranteed to perform and we see no point in saving pennies when

our customers security is at risk.


The Ultion lock re wrote the rule book when it first arrived as a security option achieving

security levels never before seen!

Now with Ultion WXM they have again raised the bar!

More security

More robustness

More performance


To meet the standards of a TS007 Diamond Sold Secure (the industry standard for security in

locks) the Ultion lock had to be tested to perform 100,000 cycles of locking and unlocking!


When you purchase the Ultion WXM as either a lock or a component of one of our Timber

Composite / Global Doors you will have the added knowledge of knowing that rather than

the minimum 100,000 cycles your lock has actually been tested to 500,000 cycles


That’s equivalent to 171 years of constant locking and unlocking using our minimum 2912

times a year (from above)

So, in theory your Great Great Great Great Great Grandchildren will be still be using the same

lock to protect their home!


When you choose your new door from any GFD Group company you can rest assured your

safety and that of your family is safe for generations to come.


PS we are not giving a 171-year guarantee for the door – but if cared for they will last thirty

years plus.

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