For when your front door is your back door


For when your front door is your back door

The way we live our lives and design our homes has changed dramatically in recent years the concept of reception rooms such as a front parlour (the room where no one entered except when guests were around) a sitting room (used as the focal family gathering room) and a dining room (again rarely used except for visitors) are definitely on the decline but the kitchen which was once only there as a functional place to cook is certainly expanding its role in modern living.

Many modern homes have evolved into a more functional design where the kitchen becomes the focal point – the place to meet and greet and share quality time with family and friends – in many instances this has meant that the “stand alone “dining room has been sacrificed as it has been merged into a larger “super” kitchen. The same demise has also impacted the “front parlour “and the “sitting room” in the quest for a larger and larger kitchen – no longer just a place to cook – it has become a room that encompasses everything a cooking area a dining area a soft furnished area invariably with a TV – in fact it has become the “family/living room “ of the home. The photograph below although maybe a little extravagant for many homes is very typical of the changes that are taking place


Whereas the norm in years past was that visitors entered through the front of the property even this concept seems to be changing as the kitchen/ family room has become the focal point of the home it has also increasingly become the place where visitors enter the house. Whereas it was the front door upon which visitors gauged their first impressions of any property it is increasingly becoming the case that the rear door is now in competition with the front door as the show door of the property.

At Timber Composite Door we have in recent years noted an increase in the number of our customers who are either placing orders for both front and back door or back doors alone so we can confirm that this change to smarter rear doors to properties is well under way. With our excellent selection of doors they are so adaptable and stylish that they look good wherever they are placed in the house plus many of them have the added benefit that they can be adopted into a “Stable Door” – the selection of photographs of actual installations below shows how cheerful friendly and inviting they can be – definitely good enough to grace any “super kitchen”

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 13.27.15


The traditional Does not have to be the only option twenty six of the standard styles can be provided as “stable “doors here are three more examples from the left the “Naples” in red, the Pisa in blue and the Stafford in Oak and the only give away that they are not normal doors is the extra horizontal bar across the centre.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 13.27.33

What could be more appealing , the top half of your stable door is open, a gentle breeze wafts into your kitchen, you casually lean against the lower half of the door, relaxing taking in the sounds and smells of the garden, your visitors approach to the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee awaiting them inside.

Never out of fashion in the country but rarely in fashion in the cities, the stable door , a style of door which is currently enjoying a renaissance as it seems to be back in vogue everywhere, at least that’s what our sales figures at Timber Composite Doors. Stable doors provide an effective and useful solution to a variety of door access requirements, both halves of the door operate independently to allow easy ventilation and additional viewing to the outside whilst keeping pets and young children secure.

Most importantly a quality Stable door has the style to compliment any “super kitchen” in fact they work equally as well on any home anywhere.



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