Following a theme, the Solidor Conway



Following a theme

One of the surprising things that we find when we carry out installations of new doors is the number of times that people change the style but retain the door colour, it is quite understandable for any number of reasons – familiarity, matching existing decor to name but two. Mrs P of Southampton falls into this category her existing door was a pleasant timber match boarded door and when she changed her door she stayed with the same theme selecting one of our Solidor Conway doors in Rosewood

When choosing her new Conway door Mrs P opted for the single glazed curved head panel option with the stunning CSB 5.1 FT glass design (named by Solidor not Timber Composite Door we would have called it something like “Twin Diamonds”) a very good choice but only one of the many guises that the Conway comes in. This is door that is available as four basic options – a fully panelled door, a four panelled door with a glazed curved head panel, or a two panelled door with two glazed upper panels and a glazed curved head panel, it sounds like we are describing three doors but we are not they are all Conway’s

At TCD we call this door the curvaceous Conway because of the wonderful clean lines of the head panel, this is a door with endless permutations after you have chosen the style you have a full range of sixteen colours to choose from and then there are the glazing options – so many choices – to suit either a single glazed curved head panel or matched upper and curved head panel and if you want to make it more complex the top curved top head panel is also available as a four pane “sunburst” style.

What is there not to like about door there are so many permutations available you could fill a street and no two would be the same but the most popular door in this range as chosen by our purchasers is the “The Black Diamond” a stunning door when matched with the “elegance “range of leaded and coloured glazed upper and curved head panel and our traditional Gold or Chrome “urn “knocker and matching handles. As if by magic here is one we prepared earlier a variation on Mrs P of Southampton’s door but one that is equally as striking.


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