Do you find the future a little bit scary?


Do you find the future a little bit scary?

Here at GFD HQ because our business is so reliant upon the ever improving technology available to us through the science of computing and the advances in the internet we regularly review “techie”sites just to try and predict where the next step in the evolution of our company/ industry may take us.

We recently came across one which we found amazing its all about b3D printing something with which we are all becoming increasingly familiar but this company is taking it to a new level – they are 3D printing a metal bridge over a canal in Amsterdam – at GFD HQ we do not pretend to understand the technology but we were pretty much “blown away” by the concept. Of course it set us thinking – we are constantly striving to give our customers the best of service and we have pretty much got the administration side of our business controlled and automated – so what next?

Take our customers typical order, say a stunning Milano solid door in Anthracite grey such as this one –


If the Customer uses our on line designer they can design the door of their choice select installation and we automatically generate all the paperwork to provide customer confirmation, surveys and manufacture, with the minimum of human involvement, delivery and installation are slightly different as they still require the services of our excellent installation partner. The door comes with all the appropriate product and installation guarantees but in reality we would expect it to last thirty+ years.

Thirty years is a long time in technology factory manufacturing techniques are now computerised – how long before installation goes the same way – if we can 3D print a bridge today who is to say that well within that thirty years we will not be dispatching a robot vehicle with a couple of robot engineers to carry out the installation – not quite sure what impact that would have on the supply and install price as we are sure that such robots will not come cheap.

All seems a bit farfetched – but is it? If you are a fan of the Channel 4 programme “Humans” you may not think so – see if you want to know more it’s worth a watch and maybe a little too close to all of our futures. The “synths”, the name given to the robots –which look human, act human and maybe are?

“Anita” one of the star “synths” certainly has us convinced that she is real

At GFD we embrace all advances in technology but the world is moving forward at such a pace that the future is a little bit scary therefore it is very satisfying for ourselves and we hope for our customers to know that when they purchase new doors from Timber Composite Doors or any of the other GFD Group companies –

Global Door

Composite Door prices

Global Sash windows

– not only do we provide a quality product but we still have that human touch to ensure a quality service. A service which our customers seem to enjoy – you can check out what they say at Trust Pilot – and for those of you who have read recent press articles and believe all such references are rigged – you may like to check out our honesty at GFD and read our recent blog “Bursting the bubble of unscrupulous traders” where we actually guide you as to find the reviews which are critical of our service (they are hard to finds as they are very few)

At GFD HQ we are not afraid of the present and rather than being wary of where the future may go we are looking forward in anticipation of providing our customers with the same excellent service for years to come.


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