Credit where Credits Due!


The new door you always promised yourself!

The new door you always promised yourself but which was always just out of the reach of your budget has just become more readily available. The GFD Group (acting as a Credit Broker) has just teamed with Barclays Finance to allow you to spread the cost of that new door over 12 months and that’s at 0% APR Representative so it does not get much better than that.

For some time now one of the FAQ’s of our customers has been “do you supply finance” and until now we have always responded in the negative – but that is not the GFD way we aim to be positive in every aspect of the way we interact with our customers and as we do listen – if our customers want to purchase on finance we believed we had a duty to provide them with this service.

The door that was just out of reach is now within your grasp we at GFD appreciate that in these difficult economic times money is tight and that not all house hold budgets can stand a one hit payment for a new front door so with our new finance arrangements our customers can spread the cost of the purchase over twelve months allowing them to set their own cash flow which is only dependent upon the cost of their chosen door and at 0% APR it is somewhat cheaper than using a Credit Card.

At GFD Group we realise that any purchase on credit of any kind can be a major decision for any household which is why we have tried to take a simple step by step illustrative approach to the instruction on our web site – before any purchaser proceeds to design and order a door of their choice we would recommend that they take a look at the finance page of our web site – for example where they will find clear instructions as to that which they can expect when entering into such arrangement – there is a short graphic presentation showing the route through the documentation and a series of FAQ’s at GFD Group we want our customers to be happy with and enjoy their purchase not over commit and cause themselves unnecessary hardship.

The new door you always promised yourself is now within reach enjoy the process of selecting the door of your dreams by using our “door designer” where you can create literally millions of permutations of styles colours and accessories.


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