Celebrate summer with –Carnations and Rosewood


Celebrate summer with –Carnations and Rosewood – No3 in the Timber Composite Doors series of doors that money cannot buy – in this case this is a Public Information Service article (but only for men)


Take one terrific Tenby door in Rosewood and mix it with a little horticultural delight of the classic yellow Carnation and we give you the Carnations and Rosewood door from Timber Composite Door.

Rosewood Tenby Solidor Timber Composite Door
Rosewood Tenby Solidor Timber Composite Door









But be careful this door carries a health warning – and a key guidance note to any would be suitor who wants to impress a Lady friend ALL MEN TAKE HEED – we at GFD HQ have recently discovered something rather confusing when researching this piece – all you gentlemen out there have you ever wondered why the lady in your life frowned and became agitated at you when you either handed or had her delivered a beautiful bouquet of Yellow Carnations. It has happened to more than one of us in this office and now we know why – Carnations are beautiful flowers and they are famed for sending messages of love and affection – well the RED ones are – but to our horror we now know that they mean something rather different when they are YELLOW as this online flowers guide advises http://onlineflowersguide.com/yellow-flowers/yellow-carnation.html the key phrase is –

“Yellow carnations stand for arrogance, disappointment and rejection. So, if you have to tell someone that you are disappointed at them and you don’t know how, here’s the way to do it: just send over a “nice” bouquet of yellow carnations and your feelings will be known for sure.

Yellow carnations are quite mischievous and this is because when you see a really warm and bright bouquet of yellow carnations, you tend to associate them immediately with the start of spring and thus, new beginnings, joy and happiness. But don’t let yourself be fooled by their accurate “undercover” and remember that yellow carnations symbolize the exact opposite thing!”

Beware you have been warned

At least we know we are on safe ground in recommending the terrific Tenby door because it is a timeless classical design and our range brings the very best of adaptability from this door, the standard pattern is a six panel door where the lower two panels are solid and the upper four panels but if you are a little more security conscious or require a little more privacy, we also offer a version of the door where only the top two panels are glazed. Available in our complete range of seventeen colours, this is a door that looks good in all of them from the bold blacks, blues and reds and ROSEWOOD WITH A VERY NICE YELLOW CARNATION MOTIF dark coloured Tenby doors have an air of authority whereas the soft pastel shades of duck egg blue or chartwell green simply say “welcome – your home”. A door as stylish as the Tenby does not rely on glazing to complete its appearance but that is not a reason why we should not select the best of matching glazing and as with all of our doors there is a terrific selection of leaded, obscures and coloured options to do the terrific Tenby proud.

It may send out the wrong message for those who are in the know about flowers and we apologise to all ladies who have been offended, we of the male species should have done our homework before sending the wrong flowers– but we at GFD HQ still think the Carnation and Rosewood looks pretty spectacular and as it is “a door that money CANNOT buy” we have no fears of upsetting any none existent purchasers.


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