What did you get your Father?


Father’s Day , Mothers day, Valentine’s Day are three of the days celebrated in the Calendar that have limited reason to exist except for the benefit of the Advertising and Marketing departments of companies trying to push their products. Take for instance yesterday the 21st June Father’s Day and the Advertising and Marketing departments have had a field day, we have been bombarded with adverts for virtually anything and everything – sports gear, DIY gear, Food and Drink and our personal favourite here at GFD HQ “why give him socks when you could give him scallops”

At GFD HQ we are well aware of the restraints of a “budget” when it comes to buying these token presents so we have been giving it some thought and we reckon we need to lose the current “Days” and come up with a “loving my Family Day” it would allow all the budget for a present to be increased so that something useful that could benefit the whole family could be purchased. The best “something useful that could benefit the whole family” that we could come up with is of course a new Solidor Door from our Timber Composite Door online outlet.

We can already hear the sharp intake of breathe as you all say “they have to be kidding – that’s far too expensive” – but is it consider the following benefits

They look good and they have ten years guarantee on the product and five on the installation – and as our reputation is built upon coming back to put things right if they should go wrong that’s no DIY for Dad – so that’s instant peace of mind

As all of our doors have through coloured GRP skins maintenance is all but nil – no bi-annual re painting so no arguing about colours and as maintenance is a wipe with a damp cloth even the kids can do it.

These are doors that are tough and resilient to even the most boisterous of children so no constantly touching up paintwork

A new door will from the moment it is installed start to save you money – no draughts and a high level of thermal efficiency means a reduction in heating bills – so it may be expensive to start with but how many presents can you honestly say pay you back.

Maybe next year we should put our thoughts into actions and start advertising our doors as the ideal “loving my Family Day” present – we certainly have a great selection twenty nine styles, eighteen colours and a multitude of Glazing and Accessory options something in fact that will please every member of a loving family.

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